Sorry, Overwatch conspiracy theorists: Blizzard says there’s no Easter Egg related to the crows

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Overwatch’s Halloween occasion doesn’t include any crow-related Easter Eggs.

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The Overwatch group has been in a tizzy since the Halloween event launched, and who can blame them? The method Blizzard’s been working ARGs every thing is beginning to appear to be a possible clue.

So right here’s the factor: within the new Horde mode-style occasion, Junkenstein’s Revenge, there are these crows. When you shoot them they make a sound. Some Overwatch gamers puzzled whether or not this might imply one thing.

In a phrase, no: a Blizzard consultant advised Polygon that the Overwatch group is braking up the mistaken tree right here.

“The Overwatch team did not include any easter egg within Junkenstein’s Revenge involving the crows,” they mentioned.

Notice they don’t say there aren’t any secrets and techniques elsewhere; we expect some extra clues main as much as the reveal of the next Overwatch hero (who, sadly, may have already leaked), presumably at BlizzCon subsequent month. It wouldn’t shock me if Blizzard slipped one thing teasing into Overwatch with this occasion replace.

But anyway, go away off chasing the Overwatch crows: any elaborate threads detailing the secrets and techniques these crows hook up with ought to be ignored except they arrive with video proof. Which they received’t. Because this isn’t legit.