Someone’s made a complete new Pokemon recreation inside Minecraft – with none third-party mods

Pokemon followers and Minecraft modders pull off an unimaginable feat.

There are a great deal of good Minecraft mods on the market, and loads of them are Pokemon-themed, however few are as bold as this one.

Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst is a single-player Minecraft map construct over 2.5 years by a modding crew referred to as Phoenix Projects. It presents a totally playable Pokemon journey within the fashion of the core collection – besides you may freely discover the 3D world.

Recreating Pokemon in Minecraft is spectacular sufficient, however this one was carried out from scratch – no exterior mods have been utilized in pulling it collectively. It’s vanilla Minecraft, tweaked and repurposed for Poke-ventures.

Cobalt & Amethyst is about in an all-new area with 136 distinctive Pokemon rendered in fantastically blocky types. The story considerations the machinations of an antagonist bent on releasing “a Legendary darkness”, and the participant must take care of Team Tempest as they search to forestall this calamity. Series mainstays just like the rival character and a useful professor additionally play an essential function.

Visit Phoenix Projects to obtain the map and entry a walkthrough, in case the change to Minecraft controls interferes along with your well-honed Pokemon instincts. The video above has some essential info on getting it operating, too. Just as a disclaimer, we haven’t tried this for ourselves and can’t confirm the contents of the package deal, so assume properly earlier than downloading.

I’m unsure what the legalities are on Minecraft mods, nevertheless it’s possible Nintendo can have one thing to say about Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst – so in case you are serious about making an attempt this, do it earlier than the takedowns strike.