Skyrim: How to hitch the Imperial Legion Army Faction

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I imply, their image is on the sport’s cowl. Of course you need to be a part of.


The Imperial Legion is part of the armed forces of the world of Skyrim that’s led by General Tullius. Some in Skyrim may need secession on their minds, however the Imperial Legion are fairly in opposition to that. If you might be too, you’ll be able to be a part of them.

One of the primary issues that may occur in Skyrim is pleasant character can counsel you be a part of the Imperial Legion, nevertheless it’s additionally fairly straightforward to overlook this advice and skip out on becoming a member of them completely. Here’s discover the required individuals and be a part of the legion if you happen to miss that early-game pointer.

How to hitch the Imperial Legion

  • In order to hitch the legion you’ll need to head to one among their outposts, Castle Dour. Castle Dour is present in Solitude, which is discovered within the Northwest of Skyrim. This is their most important base. You’ll know the citadel whenever you see it, because it’s guarded by imperial troopers.
  • Once you arrive on the citadel you’ll need to discover General Tullius, the boss of the Imperial Legion. Speak to him.
  • Tullius will now level you to talk to Legate Rikke. Engaging on this chat will then kick off your the search line to hitch the legion with the appropriately-named quest Joining the Legion. How about that?
  • All you now must do is comply with the search given for Joining the Legion. It’s fairly easy – it’s important to head to a fort and filter out a bunch of bandits. Go and try this.
  • Once the fort is cleared out and the bandits killed, head again to Rikke. You’ll then be directed to go and take the oath to hitch the legion correct. Once you’ve taken the oath, you’ll then be advised to go to the blacksmith – do, and also you’ll be rewarded the legion’s armor.
  • With that, you’re in! You now have entry to the legion’s quest line. Keep in thoughts that the Imperial Legion is immediately in opposition with the Stormcloaks, so becoming a member of one will lock you out of the opposite. All associated achievements might be unlocked with both of the factions, nonetheless. At one level each side will hunt down The Jagged Crown in a quest titled the identical. At this level you’ll be able to swap sides if you happen to’re so inclined – seize the crown and return it to your faction of alternative. This alternative is ultimate.

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