Silent Hill 2 remake’s James is older currently since so are you

Silent Hill 2 Remake screenshot
(Image credit rating: Konami)

Silent Hill 2’s remake stars a somewhat older James Sunderland for a respectable factor.

Earlier today, the video clip listed below laid out a discussion with Silent Hill 2 manufacturer Motoi Okamoto, principle musician Masahiro Ito, and also authorAkira Yamaoka Producer Okamoto exposed that after speaking with previous Silent Hill collection art supervisor Ito, it was made a decision to age lead character James Sunderland a little for the Silent Hill 2 remake.

“This is in part because fans from 20 years ago are older now,” Okamoto stated. “The average age of people who play video games has risen too. We want to depict a James who has had to suffer through more in his life as an adult. So yes, we did raise his age, though only by a bit.”

James’ face was something instantly detected by veteran Silent Hill 2 followers when the remake was lastly revealed late in 2014. The lead character’s brand-new face verified quite dissentious at the time, although we just saw short lived looks of James looking noticeably older in the trailer for the remake.

“I personally feel like it’s also our way of emphasizing that this is a remake,” Ito included. Okamoto really remained to state that nowadays, in the age of the PS5 particularly, it’s feasible to show personalities as looking “somewhat older,” whereas this subtlety was feasible in previous console generations, with the PS2 particularly.

Earlier this month, Silent Hill 2 remake designer Bloober Team revealed they had to beat out other studios to deal with the remake. In the very same meeting, the designer stated it was really feeling the stress to provide the remake of such a respected scary title.

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