Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice walkthrough half 7 – Ashina Reservoir

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There are a great deal of hidden paths and shortcuts in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, although they’re typically blocked by bosses.

In the final half we lastly stated goodbye to the Hirata Estate, and on this information, we’re going to check out two boss fights close to Ashina Reservoir, in addition to how one can open up a couple of shortcuts.

Head via the Ashina Castle gate and in your left you have to be given a immediate to the touch the Remnant. There will probably be a passing remark about utilizing a reed whistle getting used to name on you from the Young Lord.

There are a bunch of enemies on the prime of the steps, however keep away from them for now, and keep it up to the left previous the Remnant. Follow the trail round and undergo the massive door in entrance of you. Enter the constructing and open the subsequent door and go outdoors, close to the tree, you’ll discover some Scrap Iron and a Mibu Possession Balloon.

Go again into the constructing and grapple all the way down to the extent beneath to choose up the Pellet. Head down the steps to your proper and open the door to discover a Sculptor’s Idol. Follow the trail round to the left and also you’ll see the bridge resulting in Ashina Castle.

There are two guards in entrance of the Icon and you may listen in on their dialog. They received’t assault you while you’re close to the Idol. They discuss seeing a Shinobi round, unaware that you just’re lurking a couple of ft away. Sneak up on considered one of them and battle off the opposite and his canines.

Grapple on to the archway in entrance of you and also you’ll see two massive enemies beneath. One has a big baton and the opposite a mallet. If you look to your left you’ll see a grappling level beside a guard, so swing over and shock assault him first. There’s one other man in your left that baggage a gong to alert different enemies, so take them out earlier than heading to battle the bigger enemies.

After you’re taking out the second man, sneak below the home to your proper and thru the grass to search out one other guard holding watch. Kill them, then transfer via the grass once more to the subsequent enemy close to the ledge.

Down drop to the platform beneath then dangle off the cliff edge and shuffle your means spherical to the left. Climb again up when you get to the subsequent cliff edge and observe the trail round to the suitable. Jump as much as the cliff wall once more to hold from it and shuffle spherical to the left once more till you see the stone partitions and platforms.

Jump as much as the primary platform then soar at hand from the second that varieties the muse of a constructing. Climb alongside till you discover the opening to the home and go inside. There’s a Remnant to your left and when you peek outdoors the door you’ll see a couple of guards and a boss, Seven Ashina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi.

Seven Ashina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi

Because you’ve snuck across the facet of the cliff, you possibly can sneak assault him first, then be careful for the opposite man with a spear. Yamauchi fires a great deal of thrust assaults at you, which you actually don’t wish to be on the top of. Use your Shuriken or the Firecracker typically to interrupt him mid strike and soar onto his unblockable assaults the place you possibly can.

It’s fairly straightforward to cheese this battle when you simply frequently double soar on the Seven Spears’ head, slashing a few instances as you land. He actually doesn’t appear to have the ability to do a lot about you stomping on him like a Goomba from Mario, so use this to your benefit to whittle down his well being.

If you could heal, keep in mind you could grapple up on the pagoda behind you for a breather.

Beat him and also you’ll get a Prayer Bead in your troubles.

Lone Shadow Longswordsman

With the Seven Spears down, return to the Sculptor’s Idol and relaxation.

From the Sculptor’s Idol at Ashina Reservoir, grapple onto the gate previous the 2 guards then throughout to the left such as you did earlier than. When you kill the second man, flip your self to look in direction of the bridge in entrance of Ashina Castle, off the facet of the cliff. Move as when you’re strolling in direction of it and observe the cliff edge round to the suitable and grapple your means throughout.

You’ll meet an odd man right here that’s apparently been beguiled by some unusual music coming from the drain beneath. Ignore that first opening, and go additional up the snowy path. You’ll see a spot within the floor the place you possibly can drop all the way down to battle a Boss, the Lone Shadow Longswordsman. Jump all the way down to carry out a Deathblow from above. This boss strikes fairly quick and might roundhouse kick you within the face, so dodge the place you possibly can and get a couple of hits in.

The Longswordsman has a very stable block, which implies your Whirlwind Strike is sweet for whittling him down. Wait till the top of his combos, as a result of every hit is quick and does a heck of a whole lot of harm. If you’re struggling to deflect, simply maintain block, then retaliate with a Whirlwind Strike.

Upon killing him you’ll get Scrap Magnetite and a Prayer Bead and the street forward will probably be unblocked. The space past will probably be very robust proper now, so head again to the Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol and relaxation.

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