Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Treasure Carp Scales Guide – Where to search out these elusive fish

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Struggling to put your arms on Carp Scales for the Pot Noble? Here’s the place you’ll be able to snag all of the Treasure Carp Scales you want, and extra!

This information discusses late game areas of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so think about this a spoiler warning for location names, and abilities you could unlock.

Hunting for Treasure Carp Scales is far simpler when you unlock the power to swim underwater later within the game, nevertheless, this shouldn’t cease you choosing some up early.

The major cause you need to be choosing up Carp Scales is to finish the Dancing Dragon from Mask Fragments that are held by the Pot Noble. This highly effective merchandise permits you to commerce talent factors for an assault increase, fairly than simply counting on confronting the reminiscences of highly effective enemies.

Treasure Carp Scale places

  • Hirata Estate

Since the Hirata property is the place the Scales are launched, it is smart that there’s a good few of them hidden round to search out.

You can discover 4 Treasure Carp within the water across the Pot Noble, together with beneath and on the opposite aspect of the bridge that’s over to the left-hand aspect of the lake.

In the underside left nook of the lake, on the left-hand aspect of the bridge, you’ll be able to choose up a free Scale as an merchandise drop.

You can then discover extra fish within the river additional up from the Estate Path Shrine – close to the place you fought the Shinobi Hunter.

Then there’s much more within the lake to the northwest of the Bamboo Thicket Shrine, particularly for those who go beneath the bridge.

  • Mibu Village Shrine

You can even discover hundreds extra within the Mibu Village within the Ashina Depths after you’ve cleared the Hidden Forest by defeating the Mist Noble.

Travel to the Mibu Village Shrine, then look on the right-hand aspect of the hill. You’ll see a Memorial Mob service provider right here. They’re promoting not one, however two Treasure Carp Scales for 500 Sen every.

Then proper subsequent to the Memorial Mob, observe the river downstream and there’s a free Carp Scale guarded by the purple shinobi – he’s a reasonably stiff check, so simply lure him out of the outlet, then run in and seize the Scale, then run away for those who can’t be bothered.

The major lake in Mibu Village additionally appears to play host to some fish, though they don’t appear to floor so that you’ll want the underwater skill.

It’s the identical with the fish within the river subsequent to Water Mill shrine additional up in Mibu Village.

  • Fountainhead Palace

You ought to now have sufficient Carp Scales for the primary half of the masks, however to get the second, you’re going to need to examine all the watery areas across the late-game space, the Fountainhead Palace.

There are tons of Treasure fishies squiggling round within the lakes and swimming pools across the Palace space, so this could end you off.

Happy looking, and tell us within the feedback if there are different spots we’ve missed!

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