Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice too exhausting? Watch somebody defeat all bosses with out getting hit

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You know there’s a brand new From Software game out when everybody however you possibly can flawlessly defeat all of its bosses.

It’s been practically two weeks because the launch of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which implies it’s time for the primary no-hit run.

YouTuber horheristo‘s latest video is a compilation of all of the game’s boss fights – SPOILERS clearly. Rather like stumble across the area such as you and I do, they confidently take down each single one with out getting hit as soon as.

Not solely that, this is among the most aggressive types you’ll see on-line; by no means relenting.

The run was recorded on new game plus 2. According to the YouTuber, NG+2 was chosen to up the problem, and to indicate off a number of the costlier, uncommon upgrades.

This is clearly somebody who is aware of what they’re doing, which in addition they display in most of the different no-hit runs on their channel. The full run is somewhat over 40 minutes, and you’ll watch it in all its glory under: