Sekiro Chained Ogre Guide: How to stealth assault for a better time

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Most of the actually powerful enemies to date in Sekiro have been avoidable. You might simply leap previous the samurai common, however this time there’s a impassable fog gate in your manner. Here’s how one can beat the Chained Ogre, together with how one can stealth assault him for a better time.

Carrying on from the primary a part of our Sekiro Walkthrough, try to be on the Ashina Outskirts shrine, with a rooster to your left, two guards huddled beneath a tree in entrance of you, and the Chained Ogre shackled in some shares on the high of the hill.

Deal with the rooster first so it doesn’t get in your manner later. Jump in the direction of it and you need to have the ability to ship a deathblow earlier than it noticies you’re there. Now flip your consideration to the 2 guards.

Grapple onto the tree department, listen in on them if you want, then leaping stealth assault one of many guards. I choose to stealth kill the guard on the left, because the different is extra aggressive and simpler to counter for a fast kill. Despatch the second guard, then prepare for the principle battle.

Sekiro Chained Ogre battle technique

Lock-on to the Chained Ogre and run as much as him. You can hit him just a few instances earlier than he breaks out should you like, however he’ll simply regenerate the well being later.

As quickly as he breaks free, disengage your lock-on and run again down the hill in the direction of the shrine. Grapple up onto the gate the place he can’t get you and switch round.

The Chained Ogre must be lumbering down the hill in the direction of you. Wait for him to get shut beneath you, then flip round and leap over to the platform the place the rooster was. Crouch and stroll over to the gate in your proper in order that there’s a little bit of distance between you and the Ogre and his line-of-sight is damaged.

Once the battle music stops enjoying, flip round and return in the direction of the hill, the Ogre ought to have his again to you strolling again up the hill.

Drop down, creep up behind him and land a stealth assault. This wipes out certainly one of his well being bars and actually evens out the battle, permitting you’re taking make much more errors all through the battle.

Since the Ogre doesn’t use a sword, your step dodge means is way more helpful that deflecting right here. Do two sideways dodges out of the way in which of his primary dropkick, sweeping kick and dropping elbow assaults.

When you see the crimson Japanese image seem, this implies he’s about to seize you, so dodge out of the way in which as rapidly as you’ll be able to.

His leaping seize assault is sufficient to make you rip the hair out of your head – it has an enormous radius and if even the tip of his fingernail brushes the tail of your coat, he’s clutch you in his grasp.

The most success I’ve had with dodging this transfer is to disengage your lock-on and run to the aspect as quickly as you already know he’s winding up.

It’s time so that you can go on the offensive as quickly as he’s completed certainly one of his strikes, which often go away him on the bottom.

Don’t get grasping. Only retaliate with a few swings earlier than on the point of dodge once more.

Once he’s down, return to the shrine above to relaxation and prepare for extra punishment.

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