Rockstar could have made this custom GTA 6 PS5 reskin because it looks amazing

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Vincenti makes the entire thing look effortless – it’s almost a shame the brief Instagram video isn’t longer, because I would’ve loved to have seen a more detailed look at how the custom-made PS5 covers were put together. It’s not even just spray-painting too – Vincenti takes a brush to the cover for some incredibly detailed work for Lucia’s face.

But look at the line work on Lucia’s face and hair! Vincenti absolutely nails the design with a single brushstroke each time, sublimely recreating the GTA 6 anti-hero down to the detailing in her hair and around her eyes and mouth. Honestly, Vincenti, take a bow after this. 

If you want to see some other brilliant custom-made PS5 face plates, we’d highly recommend exploring Vincenti’s Instagram page in more detail. The artist has recreated some fantastic designs for the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and has also mocked up some Xbox Series X/S designs for games like Diablo 4. There’s even a repainted Nintendo Switch themed around Super Mario Odyssey.

As for Rockstar’s upcoming game, it turns out the trademark dispute between the GTA 6 dev’s parent company and Remedy Entertainment was settled last year, and is actually just a bit of old news at this point. To think that a lawsuit originally happened over the letter ‘R’ is still a little mind-boggling, still.

T-Pain just revealed he’s working on GTA 6, but in order to do that, Rockstar required him to quit his GTA role-playing group. 



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