Rockstar and Take-Two Financial Report T2: Sales of GTA 5 and RDR 2, Schrödinger’s Studios from Zelnick Yesterday at 23:30 OPla G491

For the first time in a long while, we learned something genuinely significant from Take-Two’s financial report: an approximate release timeline for “GTA VI”, and technically, it’s not delayed as the initial release year was slated for 2025. This announcement caused T2’s shares to dip slightly, but they have since stabilized. Further details on GTA 6, as Zelnick mentioned, will be provided directly by Rockstar Games.


Additionally, the company’s CEO commented to IGN regarding the closure of Intercept Games and Roll7 as part of a 5% workforce reduction.

We didn’t close those studios.

Jason Schreier points out that this isn’t the first instance of such a situation. In October 2013, the rights holder disbanded 2K Marin, creators of BioShock 2, without officially announcing it. Six years later, Cloud Chamber was organized, also under the 2K structure, where developers from the previous “BioShocks” are currently working on a new installment.

Sales Figures

  • GTA 5 and GTA Online — an increase of five million, totaling 200 million! Yet, it’s still a hundred million shy of the best-selling video game, Minecraft. “Online” has seen a 23% increase in the player count over 12 months, but the numbers are expected to decline due to the project’s age (entering its 11th year) and the “impending” release of GTA 6.
  • The complete Grand Theft Auto series — over 425 million.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — an increase of three million, totaling 64 million. The western has secured seventh place, but it will only be able to climb higher in three to four quarters.
  • The Red Dead series — over 89 million.

You can view the full presentation here.