Reexamine Aerith’s pivotal moment in Final Fantasy 7 before diving into FF7 Rebirth

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Matt Leone
has actually covered games for 3 years, concentrating on behind the curtain insurance coverage of the market, consisting of publications on Final Fantasy 7 and Street Fighter 2.

One of the greatest follower concepts swirling around Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is that Aerith — renowned for passing away in the initial Final Fantasy 7 — might leave her destiny this moment around. Square Enix’s remake trilogy is reaching that factor in the tale, and… well, honestly we have evaluation code and I might go ask someone exactly how it plays out, however after that I couldn’t rest below and hypothesize with the remainder of you, without stoppages and looters.

So I kind this, head in the sand, reflecting to exactly how Aerith passed away back in 1997. Which supplies a practical justification to repromote a tale we released in 2017.

Back after that, we ran Final Fantasy 7: An narrative history, a carelessly lavish appearance behind the scenes at what occurred previously, throughout, and after the PS1 game’s growth. And among that tale’s phases covered Aerith’s fatality and exactly how it happened behind the scenes.

“Did you know people have been coming up to me for years now and saying, ‘You killed Aerith!?,’” stated FF7 personality and fight aesthetic supervisor Tetsuya Nomura.

“The theme of Final Fantasy 7 was ‘life,’ and we sacrificed Aerith in order to give weight and depth to that theme,” Nomura stated. “Her death is a tragedy, but if we suddenly just killed off everyone else after that, it would dilute the meaning of her death.”

“When a character in a video game dies, no one thinks it’s that sad,” Nomura included. “They’re just characters in a game, after all — you can just reset the game and try again, or you can always revive them somehow. I felt that their lives just didn’t have much weight. With ‘life’ as our theme for FF7, I thought we should try depicting a character who really dies for good, who can’t come back. For that death to resonate, it needed to be an important character. So we thought killing off the heroine would allow players to think more deeply about that theme.”

That doesn’t indicate Nomura didn’t 2nd hunch his choice, however.

“Long after we made the decision to kill Aerith and the development had progressed considerably, I used to go visit [composer Nobuo Uematsu] in his room. Just to hang out and talk about random things. One day, toward the end of development, I visited him to ask him, ‘Do you think we did the right thing in killing Aerith?’”

“He said, sure, he thought so,” Nomura stated a minute later on.

“I was relieved to hear it.”

What does this mean for Rebirth? Whatever takes place, it feels like a sure thing that it won’t play out specifically like it did last time, as gamer assumptions are currently component of the formula. You can’t shock individuals by doing the exact same point two times.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, on which Nomura functioned as imaginative supervisor, launches on February 29.


Source: Polygon

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