Rampage in peace: Fortnite agency Epic finish Unreal Tournament improvement

For these of us of a sure age, ‘Epic’ means ‘Unreal’ – however, in fact, for these of you of a sure, relatively youthful age, ‘Epic’ means ‘Fortnite.’ A really silly a part of my mind couldn’t fairly let go of the concept that all this cartoony battle royale enterprise was only a short-term distraction for Epic, and shortly sufficient they’d return to creating Unreal Tournament games – which, actually, is a bit like considering “why doesn’t Melania leave Donald and settle down with a nice, bookish boy who works at the local bodega instead?”

Well, Very Stupid Park Of My Brain, it’s time to recover from it. Epic have confirmed there’s now not any lively improvement on Unreal Tournament.

The newest UT, confusingly named merely ‘Unreal Tournament’, started open improvement in 2014 and progressed with the enter of (and maps/modes/mods from) the group in 2014 however was a good distance off being no matter ‘finished’ even means for a videogame within the trendy age, and hasn’t seen a significant replace since final summer season. So rare and undramatic had been its updates that we’ve not posted about it for 3 years.

Thus, I used to be extra stunned to listen to that they’re making one other Star Wars movie than I used to be about official acknowledgement that there’s nothing doing with UT any extra. Epic have gotten the colossal Fortnite, they’ve bought the much-licensed Unreal engine, and now they’ve bought their own Steam rival – UT is, fairly merely, now not the place it’s at.

Biggest Epic cheese Tim Sweeney stopped in need of telling Baron Crecente of Variety that UT was cancelled per se, however one doesn’t need to seek for a lot between the strains of an announcement like “‘Unreal Tournament’ remains available in the store but isn’t actively developed” to get the gist of issues. Indeed, UT remains to be on the market, and free to obtain as well, so if by “cancelled” you don’t imply “entirely scoured from existence” then certain, yeah, it’s not cancelled.

No surprises, actually. Look, I cherished UT as a lot as the following nineties & noughties PC gonk, however all that spiky sci-fi would most likely want an enormous aesthetic rethink to seek out the zeitgeist in 2018. Particularly as a result of that zeitgeist is already Epic’s personal Fortnite. Also, Epic have current kind for giving up on something that isn’t making a Skaarj-ton of cash/just isn’t Fortnite – RIP Paragon, earlier this year.

However, at the very least Epic aren’t performing just like the Unreal collection is a shameful secret from its misbegotten, nerdy youth. “We’ve recently worked with GOG on making classic Epic Games titles available,” noticed Sweeney, “and we’re planning to bring more of them to the store in their original glory.”

Facing Worlds four ever.


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