Rainbow Six Siege’s latest TTS update nerfs Caveira into oblivion

Rainbow Six Siege

A new update has just arrived on Rainbow Six Siege’s test server and it’s brought with it an enormous nerf to Caveira. A post on the game’s subreddit last night details the changes, which Ubisoft says are to ensure the defensive Brazilian operator embodies a particularly stealthy role.

The changes are to Caveira’s silenced handgun, the Lusion, and the most impactful is likely to be the weapon’s significant damage nerf, meaning the gun will now do 65 damage instead of 99. To make up for that change, however, the weapon’s significant damage drop-off has been brought closer in-line with other pistols.

The changes will also impact the weapon’s accuracy at long-range and limit its effectiveness when taking multiple shots in a short space of time. Its clip size has been reduced to 12 shots from 15, while recoil has been increased “to make chaining shots at long-range more challenging.” The weapon’s hipfire spread is also up, in a move that Ubi hopes will “reduce viability of spamming non-ADS shots.”

Elsewhere, the update takes a look at Clash’s SPSMG9, which is now fully automatic, rather than firing in two-round bursts, with an increased clip size and a damage buff to boot. Elsewhere, Kayd’s AUG gets a slight buff, while the MP5 has been nerfed.

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It’s worth pointing out that this is just the TTs, so there’s no guarantee that anything listed in that thread will make it into the live game, but there’s no doubt that if they do, Caveira mains may have to re-evaluate their choice of favourite character.


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