Rainbow Six Siege Glaz rework detailed

As Rainbow Six Siege approaches the second season of its fourth yr, Ubisoft determined to share just a few highlights of the stability adjustments being launched with the brand new season.

Though we don’t but have a launch date for Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S2 – we’ve only just begun getting teasers – work continues on extra than simply the brand new operators and map.

One of the most important, usually mentioned adjustments to the game’s meta is a rework of Glaz, the sniper operator who will be extremely highly effective in the precise fingers. The spotlight change right here is that Glaz will now have to face nonetheless to see gamers by the smoke.

The extra a Glaz participant strikes, the much less seen an enemy goes to be. The scope will proceed to permit Glaz to see by smoke, however your motion can be far more predictable now that the game requires you to be regular to see your targets.

Since Ubisoft made it doable for Glaz’s scope to see by smoke, the developer has been struggling to stability the operator with out nerfing his energy outright.

“The current Glaz playstyle does not exactly reflect our initial intentions,” Ubisoft wrote in a blog post. “To restore the original idea behind the Russian sniper, our balancing team looked into his entry-fragging ability, and thus pursued the[se] changes.”

Ubisoft additionally gave an replace on the deployable shields rework. The staff has changed black (two-way) mirrors within the earlier idea with common glass that enables each defenders hiding behind it, and attackers approaching it to see by.

Finally, the staff is presently engaged on integrating the propagation tech used for Capitao’s bolts into Smoke’s fuel canisters to stop the fuel cloud from clipping by partitions.

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