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Would you say you’re good at improvising? Adapting on the fly when what you’re used to is no longer within your reach? This new Arcade might test your limits, but in the end you’ll come out a stronger player. In…
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Dev Blog: Rainbow Six Siege’s Anti-Cheat War

Table of Contents Intro Glossary Siege Anti-Cheat Philosophy Graphs and Data Future of Siege Anti-Cheat — 1. Improving Cheat Detection —– 1.1. Detection Modeling —– 1.2. Bridging Siege + BE — 2. Increasing Barriers to Entry for Cheats —– 2.1.…
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Y5S2.1 Patch Notes

The Y5S2.1 Patch will deploy to PC and Console the week of June 29th. The new Match Cancellation will also be going live with this update. GAME UPDATES MATCH CANCELLATION Match Cancellation will go live with the Y5S2.1 update! We…
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Update: EU Connectivity Issues

Early June, we noticed that the European servers were suffering from an abnormal spike in connectivity issues. Players experienced games with high ping, causing rubber banding amongst other problems. The EU servers have now been restored to their original performance.…
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An update about the Six August 2020 Major

As we are preparing for the upcoming launch of the Season 2020 – Stage 1 of the new Rainbow Six Esports regional leagues, we have new information to share regarding the Six August 2020 Major. Due to the ongoing COVID-19…
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Y5S2 Steel Wave Patch Notes Addendum

Over the course of the Steel Wave test server period we have resolved a variety of issues and made a few additional updates. BALANCING Y5S2.1 update During the Steel Wave test server period we received a number of feedback requests…
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North American League Guide

As previously announced, this year of Rainbow Six Esports comes with its share of exciting changes for our new Rainbow Six Circuit. The following guide will provide more details on the North American League and its US and Canada Divisions.…
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