Rage 2 cheats: the place to purchase cheat codes from the Wasteland Wizard

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Rage 2 cheats flip you from supersoldier to a ridiculously overpowered god in the easiest way potential. Or they will simply make you sound such as you’re an unlikely, Essex-based descendant of royalty in, err, the worst. Either approach, there are a variety of awkward hoops by way of which you will need to leap to get your palms on the big selection of Rage 2 cheat codes.

First, the hidden options you might have entry to from the start rely upon which model of Avalanche Studios’ open-world game you personal. The excellent news for individuals who stumped up the additional money for the Deluxe Edition is that you simply’ll be capable to make use of all however three of the cheats within the game from the start. Then, for Deluxe Edition house owners that need to full their assortment – and the Standard Edition devoted that need to begin theirs – monitoring them down will be tough.

Cheats within the game – not counting the Rage 2 BFG 9000, which is unavailable to Standard Edition gamers solely – are offered by Rage 2’s Wasteland Wizard: Mangoo the Unborn. The drawback with this speaking mutant is that he and and his hot-air balloon house transfer round a good bit. So, earlier than we break down the complete record of Rage 2 cheat codes, we’re going to indicate you how you can discover this eccentric nomadic mage with this information.

Where to search out Rage 2’s Wasteland Wizard

We’re conscious of 5 potential Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard places thus far, and we’ve plotted every of them on the map beneath. Annoyingly they’re very unfold out, so think about using the Icarus gyrocopter or the tremendous quick Chazcar racing automobile to cowl the space quick.

Unlike your typical focal point, Walker received’t name out if you’re near Mangoo, so that you’ll need to preserve your eyes peeled for the wizard and his game-tweaking wares. Look out for the dual balloons and huge propellers that hoist his gondola up – his complete automobile is roughly twice the scale of a Mutant Bash TV balloon, for reference.

The Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard places are:

  • 1. In the north-eastern area of The Wilds, north of the highway on just a little island east of Dreadwood
  • 2. Directly north of Eden Space Center visited as a part of the primary mission, Ground Control
  • 3. North-west of The Edge Bandit Den and south-west of the Gunbarrel hub space
  • 4. From Squelch Bandit Den within the Sekreto Wetlands, head north-east
  • 5. On the far western facet of the map within the Sekreto Wetlands, north-west of the Dweller Mutie Nest, and instantly west of the Canned Heat Ranger Echo

If you’ve solely simply began the game all this discuss of Mutie Nests and Bandit Dens would possibly properly be complicated, so we’ve gone by way of all of the totally different facet goals in our Rage 2 length guide. While you won’t must do every part to energy your self up sufficient to beat General Cross and the remainder of his evil Authority, it’s price figuring out which mission varieties to focus on to progress every important characters’ quest line.

Rage 2 cheats record

As a reminder, the next record of unlockable options can be what Rage 2’s Wasteland Wizard will promote in case you have the Standard Edition. Deluxe Edition holders nonetheless have to purchase Super Phoenix, Progress Booster, and Git Gud with in-game foreign money. Beware, nonetheless, that enabling sure Rage 2 cheat codes will void achievements on Steam.

Cheat Price Description
 He’s on Fire 2000 Commentary from NBA Jam game voice actor, Tim Kitzrow
Son of Thor 2000 Light cost electrocutes enemies up shut
Klegg Support N/A Summons Klegg Clayton as an AI fight companion
 Git Gud 1000 All enemies killed in a single hit
Red Barrel Rain 2000 Drops cluster of purple barrels in entrance of you
Diamond Geezer 2000 Commentary from Danny Dyer
 Super Phoenix 1000 Infinite ammo, enhance, and well being for Walker’s automobile
 Super Wingstick 1000 Unleashes spinning blade that tracks and cuts down foes
Progress Booster 500 Doubles Feltrite assortment for 4 hours
 Super Overdrive 1000 Boosts Overdrive

Of course, a few of these cheats are extra helpful in gameplay phrases than others. The infinite ammo and harm safety bestowed in your default automobile with Super Phoenix is particularly helpful in Convoy assaults and Progress Booster helps you improve your Rage 2 Nanotrite abilities and Ark weapons sooner, as an illustration. On the opposite hand, having Tim Kitzrow and Danny Dyer commentate in your game in He’s on Fire and Diamond Geezer, respectively, is a deal with – for some.

Noah joke: Find Rage 2’s Ark locations to enlarge your arsenal

And that’s your lot: that’s how you can declare all Rage 2 cheat codes from the Wasteland Wizard to have even extra enjoyable with id’s anarchic shooter. If one way or the other that’s not sufficient, get your crosshairs educated on the best FPS games on PC. Either approach, now that you simply’re a correct geezer with cheat codes popping out your ears, it’s time to offer the Authority a bit of your nut.