Raft novice’s overview, pointers, as well as methods

Two Raft characters fish up debris from the ocean

Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games

Raft was simply launched out of very early gain access to, and also similar to a lot of open-world survival games, it can be intimidating to begin. To assistance assist you on your trip, we’ve assembled some pointers that we desire we understood when starting on our small slab boating. Our Raft novice’s overview details out pointers as well as methods that both brand-new as well as old gamers might not recognize.

Take your time to develop your boating as well as obtain products

There’s no demand to hurry via the tale. Take your time to make the products you require, increase your boating, as well as transform it right into a residence. You’ll require to cruise around to locate fundamental structure products (slabs, plastic, as well as hand leaves), so do not stress if you require to discover even more prior to begging any one of the tale islands.

Remember to offer things to your Research Table

You require to feed among each product to the Research Table to discover brand-new dishes making use of stated product. It can be simple to fail to remember to do this, so see to it you’re making use of the table as you discover brand-new atmospheres.

Seek products undersea at islands

Material like algae as well as scrap can be discovered undersea in coral reefs around arbitrary islands. You’ll wish to swim to gather these essential products, so you’ll wish to discover undersea equally as high as you discover the land.

Three Raft characters explore an underwater reef

Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games

Take benefit of Shark Bait

That being stated, the shark that tracks your boating will certainly strike you when it finds you undersea. You can kite the shark with a spear, yet you can likewise make use of Shark Bait to take it down conveniently. The shark will certainly attack the lure, enabling you to obtain a cost-free appeal it prior to it swims off. It will certainly return till the lure is consumed, so you ought to have the ability to beat the shark prior to the lure is gone.

Once the shark is dead, you can collect it for meat as well as swim around easily … till the shark respawns.

Don’ t remain at arbitrary islands for also lengthy

Early on, it might be alluring to remain some time at an arbitrary island, yet you will certainly require extra slabs as well as plastic to preserve your devices as well as gas. If you lack tidy water or prepared food, you’ll at some point pass away of hunger or dehydration, so you ought to dive in for even more products means prior to that occurs.

Keep food as well as beverage on you while checking out

When checking out the bigger tale islands, see to it to bring food as well as beverage with you. Some later on islands have actually prepared food stashed inside to assist trend you over, yet there’s no trusted source of food as well as water. You will not wish to finish your journey early simply to travel back to the ship for food, so maintain it on you.

Fishing is the crucial to having lots of food

Build a fishing pole immediately, as angling is a cost-free source of lots of food. Slap any kind of fish on the grill as well as you’ll be established for a very long time. You’ll likewise require particular fish to make Shark Bait.

A Raft character fishes off the side of the boat

Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games

Put your planters inside your home to prevent seagulls

Evil seagulls will certainly consume your plants unless they’re grown inside or you have a scarecrow close by. Scarecrows do not maintain the birds away as well as just lure them away awhile prior to they damage. If your boating winds up also large or you’re bad at maintaining tabs on those sea rats, simply put your planters inside to prevent them completely.

Use the scroll wheel to pick particular quantities of things from heaps

Though this is much less of a gameplay pointer as well as even more of a quality-of-life pointer, if you like correct company, recognize that you do not need to just take points out of the storage space one-by-one or in their whole. Using the scroll wheel, you can pick the specific quantity of products to obtain.


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