Question about GTA 6 on the main TV channel of the world about business

The other day, Strauss Zelnik was invited to CNBC, where they discussed with him recent financial success the company he leads.

The presenter, without long preludes, immediately moved on to the main thing:

In the next fiscal year, you expect 45% more revenue than usual. They say GTA 6 will come out then.

We’ve said we’re working on a new generation of Grand Theft Auto, but Rockstar Games hasn’t announced a release date. We have 36 titles that we are preparing to release in calendar years 2025 and 2026. And of course we have high expectations. We don’t usually talk about the future, just give a general direction on how things might go.

On the whole, Mr. Zelnik, as always, avoided direct answers about GTA 6 – in the end, he even undertook to talk about the music industry, if only not about the “Holy Grail”. The interlocutors also talked about the increase in the price of Take-Two’s shares as a result of these forecasts, the increase in the prices of games (the CEO claims that so far they have underestimated the price tags) and artificial intelligence.

Frankly, the appearance of the head of T2 on television does not mean at all that we will soon have a full-fledged announcement or even a trailer, although the public is already frankly waiting for this. It is possible that this is a maneuver to lower expectations, the purpose of which, among other things, may be an attempt to protect themselves from a sharp drop in stocks after realizing that the “six” will have to wait longer. Three years ago, the copyright holder already did something similar.