Project Q: Ubisoft unveils its new game inspired by Fortnite, first details

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Project Q: Ubisoft unveils its new game inspired by Fortnite, first details

If you regularly follow video game news, you must have heard of the rumored Project Q, a new Ubisoft production inspired greatly by Fortnite. Besides, it was much more than a simple hallway noise. since a gameplay video (of a not very advanced version, of course) had leaked on the Web. Suddenly, the French publisher had no choice but to formalize the thing this weekend through Twitter. Unsurprisingly, it is specified that the site is only in its infancy and that the test phases will continue. On this subject, those who wish to be kept informed of upcoming sessions (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC) can register at this address.

Other details from Ubisoft: it will not be a battle royale, and NFTs are not on the program. “The game will feature a variety of PvP modes with one goal in mind: fun!“, is it underlined. According to the first rumors which circulated last week, it is the teams of Bordeaux who would be in charge of Project Q – which is the code name of the game, you will have understood it – with for the two modes available: “Shodown” and “Battle Zone”. The first would oppose four teams of two players, while the second would ask two teams of four to take control of an area of ​​the map until reaching 100 points .

As for the characters, it would of course be possible to customize them, each of them having their own weapons (fireworks, sticks, card games, hammers among others) and skills (the possibility of jumping very high and fly away for example). There is no doubt that Ubisoft will talk about Project Q again in the weeks/months to come with a few more details to get your teeth into. In any case, we hope so.


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