Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals Galarian types and new rivals

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The Pokemon Company has launched a brand new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer exhibiting off three, new Galarian types.

Three Galarian types have been revealed within the newest Pokemon Sword and Shield video.

These Pokemon are Galarian Linoone (Dark/ Normal-type), Galarian Zigzagoon (Dark/ Normal-type), and Galarian Weezing (Poison/Fairy-type).

You additionally get a take a look at Obstagoon (Dark/Normal-type), the form-changing badger found within the Galar area.

The trailer additionally takes a take a look at Morpeko (Electric/Dark-type), who can change its starvation capability from Full Belly to Hangry. Rather relatable, contemplating all of us get just a little hangry generally.

In the trailer, you additionally get a take a look at two new rivals: Bede and Marine. Team yell was additionally revealed. They are apparently tremendous followers of Marine.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases worldwide on November 15.