Pok émon Go Vivillon map and also pattern overview

Vivillon fly over the ocean in real life

Image: Niantic

Pokémon Go included the Vivillon family members, a caterpillar-into-butterfly Pok émon that has various kinds relying on where you capture it. The vital to gathering Vivillon (and also its various kinds) is to send out and also obtain postcards with your buddies.

Scatterbug is the base Pok émon, and also it calls for 25 sweet to advance right into Spewpa, which calls for 100 sweet to advance right into Vivillon.

To discover Scatterbug, you require to pin postcards from various areas Pinning 3 postcards from the exact same location will certainly enable you to capture a Scatterbug that will certainly advance right into a detailsVivillon You can pin your very own postcards and also the postcards you obtain from buddies. Having buddies in various nations will certainly assist you gather extra kinds of Vivillon, yet you just require one kind to fill out the Pok édex access for it.

To capture the Scatterbug, you’ll require to consider your Vivillon medal and also touch the “catch!” switch that shows up Remember to utilize a Pinap Berry to capture your Scatterbug to obtain even more sweet.

You can likewise inform which Vivillon your Scatterbug is mosting likely to develop into by looking its info display.

Two menus in Pokémon Go, showing the Vivillon medal screen and Scatterbug’s information screen

Image: Niantic through Polygon

Depending on where the postcard originates from, you’ll obtain a various Scatterbug and also Vivillon pattern. Niantic offers this handy map to reveal which areas offer which patterns. You can access this map on your own through touching the Vivillon medal on your gamer information display or you can have a look listed below.

A map of the world with different types of Vivillon and patterns scattered around.

Image: Niantic

As of creating this, you can not obtain glossy Scatterbug, Spewpa, or Vivillon, yet we’ll upgrade this overview when they appear.


Source: Polygon


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