Pokémon Go Teddiursa Community Day overview

Teddiursa through the AR lense of a phone, standing on a dark mountain

Image: Niantic

Pokémon Go is having a Teddiursa Community Day occasion on Nov. 12 from 2 p.m. up until 5 p.m. in your regional time.

As anticipated with a Community Day occasion, Teddiursa will certainly generate in significant numbers with a high opportunity for it to show up glossy. There are additionally a number of various other benefits as well as benefits, which we’ve checklist out below.

How do I capture a glossy Teddiursa?

According to research conducted by Pokémon community site The Silph Road, Shiny prices on Community Days have to do with 1 in 24, which implies that if you maintain playing throughout the three-hour home window, you ought to discover several glossy Pokémon.

Teddiursa, Ursaring, and Ursaluna with their Shiny forms. Teddiursa and Ursaring both turn lime green, but Ursaring gets a red tint.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source photos: Niantic

If you’re brief in a timely manner or Poké Balls, you can stand out an Incense, after that promptly touch each Teddiursa to look for glossy ones, ranging from any type of that aren’t glossy. Notably, any type of Teddiursa you’ve currently touched will certainly encounter where your gamer is standing, to make sure that ought to aid determine which ones you might have currently examined.

What Community Day action does Teddiursa’s development discover?

If you develop Teddiursa right into Ursaluna from 2 p.m. up until 10 p.m. in your regional time, it will certainly discover the billed action High Horsepower.

If you lose out on progressing it throughout this duration, you will likely have the ability to develop it throughout a Community Day weekend break occasion in December to obtain High Horsepower. If you don’t wish to wait, you can utilize an Elite TM to obtain the action.

How does Ursaluna perform in the meta?

Ursaluna is neither fantastic for PvP or PvE fights as a result of its moveset. While High Horsepower is solid, its absence of solid quick steps make it a benchwarmer currently. You can see a full analysis by expert JRE47 on The Silph Road subreddit.

We advise ordering a couple of with High Horsepower in hopes that even more steps will certainly be included in its moveset in the future.

How do I maximize Teddiursa Community Day?

The adhering to benefits will certainly be energetic throughout Litwick Community Day:

  • Tripled Stardust for capturing Pokémon
  • Doubled sweet for capturing Pokémon
  • Doubled opportunity for degree 31+ fitness instructors to obtain XL sweet from capturing Pokémon
  • Incense lasts 3 hrs
  • Lure Modules lasts 3 hrs
  • Teddiursa unique photobombs when taking photos
  • One extra unique profession
  • Stardust expense cut in half for trading

That stated, you ought to most definitely stand out a Star Piece as well as an Incense as well as attempt to capture some effective Teddiursa.

If you can Mega Evolve Pidgeot, Kandaskhan, or Lopunny, you’ll rack up extra Dratini Candy per catch.

In enhancement to all this, Niantic is still running unique four-star raids from 5-10 p.m., where if you remove the Ursaring raid, Teddiursa will certainly generate in a 300-meter span around the fitness center for half an hour. These raids cannot be done from another location. If the normal 2-5 p.m. generate rise doesn’t obtain you the Teddiursa you desired, you can attempt raiding for an additional opportunity.


Source: Polygon

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