Pokemon Go Shiny List: full shiny guidelines and the best way to catch shinies

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As if attempting to catch all of them wasn’t sufficient, Pokemon Go trainers even have to fret about catching Shiny Pokemon. Luckily, we’ve bought a shinies guidelines itemizing each one presently accessible in Pokemon Go that can assist you preserve monitor.

If you don’t know all about Shiny Pokemon, put together your self to open up an entire new world of creature catching. Shiny Pokemon are primarily extraordinarily uncommon Pokemon that are likely to have a unique pigment or colour to their common counterparts. Sometimes a shiny Pokemon may merely be a barely completely different tone of the identical colour, whereas different occasions a shiny will characteristic a wholly completely different, very distinctive colour palette.

Shinies exist of each single species of Pokemon, however not all shinies have been made accessible in Pokemon Go but. Instead, Pokemon Go shiny Pokemon have been making a slow-but-sure debut within the game, with the primary being Shiny Magikarp, which was made accessible in March 2017. Anyway – right here’s some key stuff to find out about Shiny Pokemon earlier than we get to the guidelines…

Pokemon Go Shinies: the best way to get shiny Pokemon and different recommendation

Okay, so, you need Shiny Pokemon. Well… take into account, it’s troublesome. Shiny Pokemon are alleged to be uncommon, and in order that implies that they’re terribly troublesome to seek out. If you’ve been attempting to trace down a uncommon Pokemon within the wild equivalent to a Ditto, think about that spawn charge however drastically diminished.

Typically, Pokemon Go shiny Pokemon come to you thru one of some other ways:

  • In the Wild: Some shiny Pokemon seem within the wild, and any time you encounter a wild Pokemon of that kind there’s a tiny, tiny probability that Pokemon might come out as a shiny.
  • At Gym Raids: Other shinies are solely discovered throughout Pokemon Go Raids – so once you win a raid encounter at a gymnasium, there’s an opportunity the Pokemon you’ll have the ability to catch afterwards may very well be shiny.
  • From Eggs: Some shiny Pokemon are unique to eggs – so that you may get fortunate once you hatch a Pokemon egg.
  • From Community Days: The monthly Pokemon Go Community days all the time supply up a restricted variety of elevated spawns for the chosen Pokemon – and that normally features a bonus to the shiny spawn charge.
  • From Field Research: Pokemon Go’s Field Research system typically provides encounters as a reward – and a few of these encounters have an opportunity to be shiny.

Catching shiny Pokemon within the wild is massively uncommon, and there’s no actual method to game that. With that mentioned, there’s some further ideas you ought to be conscious of when contemplating the best way to catch shinies:

  • It’ll be apparent once you do discover a shiny Pokemon, because it’s represented with sparkles and a bit icon subsequent to its CP within the catch encounter.
  • With the above famous, keep in mind that Shiny Pokemon look regular colour on the map. You should enter an encounter to find if it’s shiny or not.
  • Once caught, Shinies have their very own sub-entry within the Pokedex. This means if in case you have, say, a Shiny Charmander, you’ll have the ability to flick backwards and forwards between Pokedex entries for each common Charmander and the shiny type.
  • If you attempt to switch a shiny Pokemon, you’ll be warned – simply as with legendaries. You can also’t bulk-transfer them.
  • The probability of discovering a shiny Pokemon within the wild exterior of particular occasions is someplace within the area of 1 in 450 encounters. Yup – it’s that low.
  • Shiny standing carries over by evolution – so if you happen to catch a shiny and evolve it, you’ll get the shiny of its advanced type. This is particularly helpful for Eevee Evolutions if you happen to can nab some shiny Eevee, as these shiny types are significantly superior.
  • Alolan Pokemon even have shiny types, if you happen to’re fortunate sufficient to hatch an Alolan Pokemon form that’s each.

Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon Checklist: all accessible shinies listed

As with just about every part in Pokemon Go, the shinies accessible modifications on the common based mostly on what in-game occasions are presently going down. It’s an ever-moving factor, although we’ve bought the newest listing of each Pokemon Go shiny creature due to LeekDuck of Leekduck.com. This picture is de facto helpful because it’s truly a bodily guidelines you may print and mark or mark utilizing a picture editor as you go – however in order for you the inside track on the best way to catch every shiny Pokemon, scroll previous the picture to our text-based listing.

On the listing beneath, we’ve compiled each shiny Pokemon that may be naturally caught within the wild and listed it. We haven’t listed any evolutions accessible on this listing immediately: to get a shiny Ivysaur, as an illustration, you have to get a shiny Bulbasaur first and evolve it twice. As such, on this listing we’ve solely famous the best way to catch shiny Bulbasaur.

Shiny Pokemon Evolution(s) Obtained through
Bulbasaur Ivysaur, Venusaur Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Charmander Charmeleon, Charizard Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Squirtle Wartortle, Blastoise Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Caterpie Metapod, Butterfree Wild, Research
Pidgey Pidgeotto, Pidgeot Wild
Rattata Raticate Wild
Pikachu Pichu (child type), Raichu, Alolan Raichu Evolution, Wild, Research
Sandshrew Sandslash Wild
Nidoran F Nidorina, Nidoqueen Wild, Egg
Clefairy Cleffa (child type), Clefable Wild, Egg
Jigglypuff Igglybuff (child type), Wigglytuff Wild, Egg
Diglett Dugtrio Wild
Psyduck Golduck Wild
Mankey Primeape Wild
Growlithe Arcanine Wild, Egg, Raid
Machop Machoke, Machamp Wild
Geodude Graveler, Golem Wild
Ponyta Rapidash Wild
Magnemite Magneton, Magnezone Wild
Seel Dewgong Wild, Egg
Grimer Muk Wild, Egg
Shellder Cloyster Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Gastly Haunter, Gengar Wild, Egg
Drowzee Hypno Wild, Egg, Raid
Krabby Kingler Wild, Egg, Research
Cubone Marowak, Alolan Marowak Wild, Egg
Scyther Scizor Wild, Egg
Jynx Smoochum (child type) Wild, Egg
Electabuzz Elekid (child type), Electvire Wild, Egg
Magmar Magby (child type), Magmortar Wild, Egg
Pinsir Wild
Magikarp Gyarados Wild, Raid, Research
Lapras Wild, Raid, Egg
Eevee Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon & Glaceon [Eevee Evolutions guide] Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Omanyte Omastar Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Kabuto Kabutops Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Aerodactyl Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Articuno Raid, Research
Zapdos Raid, Research
Moltres Raid, Research
Dratini Dragonair, Dragonite Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Chikorita Bayleef, Meganium Wild, Egg
Cyndaquil Quilava, Typhlosion Wild, Egg
Totodile Croconaw, Feraligatr Wild, Egg
Togepi Togetic, Togekiss Wild, Egg
Natu Xatu Wild
Mareep Flaaffy, Ampharos Wild, Egg, Research
Marill Azumarill (Azurill child type) Wild, Egg
Aipom Ambipom Wild
Sunkern Sunflora Wild, Egg, Research
Murkrow Honchkrow Wild
Misdreavus Mismagius Wild, Research
Wynaut Wobuffet Egg
Pineco Forretress Wild, Egg, Research
Snubbull Granbull Wild, Egg, Research
Shuckle Wild
Swinub Piloswine, Mamoswine Wild, Egg, Research
Delibird Wild
Houndour Houndoom Wild, Egg, Research
Larvitar Pupitar, Tyranitar Wild, Egg, Research
Lugia Raid
Ho-oh Raid
Treecko Grovyle, Sceptile Wild, Egg
Torchic Combusken, Blaziken Wild, Egg
Poochyena Mightyena Wild, Egg
Zigzagoon Linoone Wild
Lotad Lombre, Ludicolo Wild, Egg
Taillow Swellow Wild
Wingull Pelipper Wild, Egg
Makuhita Hariyama Wild, Egg, Raid
Sableye Wild, Egg, Raid
Mawile Raid
Aron Lairon, Aggron Wild, Egg
Meditite Medicham Wild, Egg, Raid
Plusle Wild
Minum Wild
Roselia Roserade (Budew child type) Wild, Raid, Research
Wailmer Wailord Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Spoink Grumpig Wild, Egg
Swablu Altaria Wild, Egg
Lunatone Wild
Solrock Wild
Feebas Milotic Wild, Egg
Castform Wild
Shuppet Banette Wild, Egg, Raid
Spoink Grumpig Wild
Swablu Altaria Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
Feebas Milotic Wild, Research, Egg
Shuppet Banette Wild
Duskull Dusclops, Dusknoir Wild, Egg, Raid
Absol Raid, Research
Snorunt Glalie, Froslass Wild, Egg, Raid
Clamperl Huntail, Gorebyss Wild, Egg
Luvdisc Wild, Egg, Research
Bagon Shelgon, Salamence Wild, Egg
Beldum Metang, Metagross Wild
Latias Raid, Research
Latios Raid, Research
Kyogre Raid
Groudon Raid
Shinx Luxio, Luxray Wild, Egg
Drifloon Drifblim Wild
Buneary Lopunny Wild, Egg
Bronzor Bronzong Wild, Egg
Cressella Raid
Meltan Melmetal Wild (through field)