Pok émon Go Mega Lopunny weak point, counters, and also ideal moveset

In-game image of Mega Lopunny on a pink background

Image: Niantic through Polygon

Mega Lopunny is just one of several Mega Evolutions to fight and also progress in Pokémon Go.

The Rabbit Pok émon includes combating to its normal-typing when Mega developed, implying that not just does the common approach of bringing fighting-types to typical Pok émon battle still use, however you likewise have several various other weak points to make use of.

This web page describes Mega Lopunny weak points, counters, and also– when captured and also developed on your own– the very best Mega Lopunny moveset.

Mega Lopunny weak point

Mega Lopunny is a typical- and also fighting-type, implying it is weak to eliminating-, flying-, psychic- and also fairy-types

This offers us plenty to area to have fun with– and also is particularly beneficial for more recent gamers with less solid Pok émon at their disposal.

Mega Lopunny counters

Taking right into account the above, we advise the adhering to Mega Lopunny counters:

  • Mewtwo with Confusion and also Psystrike
  • Alakazam with Psycho Cut and also Psychic (Mega Evolution readily available)
  • Latios or Latias with Zen Headbutt and also Psychic (Mega Evolution readily available)
  • Terrakion with Double Kick and also Sacred Sword

As kept in mind over, if you have a Mega Evolution readily available, they come very advised– however remember you can just have one energetic per fight.

In short, psychic- and also fighting-types are best with their greater damages result in the meta. Of program, these are simply our leading referrals; relocations which straighten with any one of the above weak points can place you at a benefit.

Mega Lopunny walking through a forest path at sunrise.

Image: Niantic

Additionally, recognize that weather condition increases can reinforce relocations additionally. In the situation of the weak points you would certainly wish to make use of, over cast weather condition will certainly increase combating- and also fairy-type relocations, while gusty will certainly assist enhance your flying- and also psychic-type damages result.

Obviously, you can not manage the weather condition, however if you assume the fight will certainly be a close telephone call, based upon your outside problems it could be worth focusing on some kinds over others to assist provide you the side.

Best moveset for Mega Lopunny

For raiding and also fitness centers, go with Pound and also Hyper Beam, both of which lean on its normal-typing. If you can pay for a 2nd Charge relocation, after that we advise the fighting-type Focus Blast

Outside of unique occasions, Mega Evolutions can not be utilized in Go Battle League/ PvP– so there’s no requirement to element this right into your choice making.

Is Shiny Mega Lopunny readily available?

Though you can not capture a Mega Evolution variation after a raid fight– it’ll constantly be a routine Lopunny, which you can after that progress when you have sufficient Mega Energy– recognize that Lopunny can be shiny at the end of these experiences.


Remember, if it is glossy, you are assured to capture it on your very first effective toss– so make use of a Pinap Berry to gain some very easy additional Candy.

For even more info on raids, look into our Pokémon Go raid guide.


Source: Polygon


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