Pokémon enthusiast potentially disguised as a robot powers through 107-hour challenge playing 100 versions of Sapphire simultaneously

100 Pokemon Sapphire characters fill the screen in a challenge run
(Image credit history: The Pokemon Company / Rylockes)

Pokemon gamers have actually developed some genuinely odd and remarkable methods of playing the cherished RPG collection for many years, from the preferred permadeath “nuzlocke” tests to a lot more harsh Kaizo Ironmon runs. Now, however, one gamer has actually taken care of to finish among one of the most peculiar obstacles we have actually ever before seen by playing via the Game Boy Advance traditional Pokemon Sapphire 100 times at the same time.

Rather than running 100 duplicates of the game before them at the very same time, YouBulb Rylockes chooses to make the obstacle a lot more complicated. Instead, they constantly have 2 data dipping into as soon as, both utilizing the very same controller to make sure that making progression in one possibly indicated strolling right into wall surfaces in the various other. On top of that, every 3 mins, these 2 games were arbitrarily switched for an additional of the 98 data. This indicated that Rylockes was continuously being tossed in between the various conserves, and as points proceeded, it came to be harder and harder to determine just how much progression had actually been made in the games they were gone down right into. 

This had not been an issue at the extremely begin of the obstacle, as Rylockes maintained obtaining provided 2 data that had not been begun on, enabling them to proceed via both efficiently utilizing the specific very same inputs. It just took half an hour for this to be tossed right into chaos however, as one of the data mixed back to one that would certainly currently been begun on – something that promptly came to be the standard after that. 

From that factor, Rylockes needed to begin thinking about which of both data before them required even more focus – normally by identifying if either of the games existed any kind of “irreversible” activities such as picking a starter Pokemon. Split-2nd gaps in emphasis might be devastating, with a few of the YouBulb’s several Mudkips unintentionally neglecting their most important relocations after being overwritten in a crazy switch mash. There was likewise the consistent risk of the games being mixed in the center of something essential, such as a Pokemon development, which indicated that they might be later on revived right as the YouBulb pushed the ‘B’ switch for an additional game, leaving them stuck to a weak starter for longer than they need to have been. 

As even more time passed, Rylockes began to battle a growing number of with identifying where each save documents depended on. Being in a city really did not always suggest that a health club leader still needed to be combated there, for instance – the battle may have currently been done, however needing to examine lost important time. Later, the concern of unintentionally avoiding over important actions, such as gaining badges, came to be even more of an issue as a result of this complication, also.

Against all chances, however, the YouBulb had the ability to finish all 100 data after 107 hours real-world hours (the real games had actually been quickened to make points a little faster). What’s actually intriguing concerning completion of the obstacle, however, is the progression made in an added, covert save documents, which had actually been running in the history for the whole run. Somehow, in spite of this game getting consistent inputs that were indicated to regulate various games, and without the YouBulb looking, Rylockes handled to proceed much sufficient to gain a health club badge and completely progress a Treecko right into Sceptile, which is really astonishing. 

This is absolutely among one of the most one-of-a-kind Pokemon tests available, and the perseverance needed to persevere is startling. Rylockes recommends, “I would reconsider.”

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