Persona 3 Portable class solutions– all inquiries as well as remedies

Persona 3 Portable’s male protagonist stands with students Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeda in a blue tinted classroom, as seen from a slightly overhead view.

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Persona games are masters at making us value the ordinary, mainly since every easy task is a chance to boost on your own. Not simply metaphorically, either. Much like various other Persona games, Persona 3 Portable will certainly evaluate your expertise to respond to inquiries in the class, as well as on midterm as well as last test inquiries throughout the academic year. While a few of these inquiries are very easy if you’ve been complying with along in the lecture, some call for a little bit much more outdoors expertise. Our Persona 3 class solution overview will certainly aid you choose the proper actions from April to January.

Getting each concern right raises your Charm– also if you’re informing Junpei the ideal solution. Doing well on the midterms as well as last examinations suggests Mitsuru, your group’s de facto scholastic scold, will certainly offer you an unique incentive.

In sequential order, right here are the class solutions for Persona 3 Portable, which have actually not transformed with its Steam, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation, as well as Switch ports. If you’re trying to find overviews for the Persona 4 Golden classroom answers, the Persona 5 classroom answers, or the Persona 5 Royal classroom answers, we have those too.

April class solutions


Q: Who did I state was my preferred writer?

A: Utsobu Kubota


Q: What was the design of residences in the Jomson duration called?

A: Mud huts


Q: Do you understand when numbers were developed?

A: 6,000 years earlier.

A teacher in Persona 3 says, “You got it! The Sumerians invented numbers 6,000 years ago.”

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May class solutions


Q: What do you call water without much calcium as well as magnesium?

A: Soft water.


Q: How quickly would certainly you state the Earth revolves near the equator?

A: 1,700 km/ph


Q: One of the products on the food selection for the household is “pan.” How would certainly you convert this to English?

A: Bread

May Mid- term examinations


Q: How would certainly you convert “pan” in English?

A: Bread


Q: How quickly does the Earth revolve near the equator?

A: Faster than noise.


Q: What’s the name for water high in calcium as well as magnesium?

A: Hard water


Q: Where is the Kitora Tomb situated?

A: Nara

June class solutions


Q: Fill in the empty with the proper combination: “It rained all last week, ____ it’ll rain again today.”

A: And


Q: What created the beginnings of magic?

A: Shamanism


Q: Which of these is NOT recognized as a “devilfish”?

A: Jellyfish


Q: What kind of all-natural magic was made use of to try to find water resources?

A: Dowsing


Q: Which means does the swirl enter the north hemisphere?

A: It can go in any case.

July class solutions


Q: How am I meant to understand about a person that lived that lengthy earlier? Wh-What do I state, [protagonist name]?

A: The Global Heritage Pavilion

Junpei asks you the answer to a question in class in Persona 3. The correct answer is “The Global Heritage Foundation.”

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Q: Which of these expressions is wrong? (as well as is instance of a comma splice)

A: “I’ve failed, it’s over now.”


Q: What legislation acted as a structure of the growth of feudalism?

A: The Konden Eizen Shizaihou


Q: What is the magical research study of Jewish messages?

A: Kabbalah


Q: What title did Taira No Masakado insurance claim for himself?

A: The Imperial Prince

First term last test


Q: What is the kind of all-natural magic made use of to discover water resources?

A: Dowsing


Q: Some Europeans call this animal “devilfish” as well as reject to consume it.

A: Octopus


Q: Who developed the Kamakura Shogunate?

A: Minamoto No Yoritomo


Q: Which is an instance of a comma splice?

A: “I went, I learned.”

A multiple choice question asks which is an example of a comma splice. The answer is the first choice: “I went, I learned.”

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September class solutions


Q: What do you call the sensation when electric resistance is absolutely no?

A: Superconductivity


Q: What do we state after we consume?

A: Gochisou- sama


Q: What publication assisted even more the art of magic throughout the Renaissance?

A: The Hermetica


Q: Which of these is NOT one of Japan’s restrictions on nuclear tools?

A: Can’ t allowed others create.


Q: What is the cumulative name for the 4 divine numbers in numerology?

A: The Tetractys.

October class solutions


Q: Do you understand why a toreador’s capote is red?

A: To thrill the target market.

Second term midterms


Q: What is the top source of anxiety for ladies?

A: Husbands


Q: Who established numerology?

A: Moses

Note: The real proper solution is Pythagrius, however the game’s proper solution is Moses.


Q: What is superconductiviy?

A: Zero electrical resistance


Q: The Ohnin War was just one of both occurrences that caused the Sengoku age. Which was the various other?

A: Coup of Meiou

October proceeded


Q: How numerous schedule patterns exist?

A: Fourteen


Q: Natto originates from soybeans, also, however exactly how is it made?

A: By fermenting them


Q: Who is the owner of Theosophy, which triggered numerous wonderful cultures?

A: Madam Blavatsky


Q: But which among these points is NOT Arabic?

A: Wristwatch


Q: One kind of acid’s feature is to damage lactic acid right into sugar as well as galactose. What is that enzyme called?

A: Lactase

November class solutions


Q: As Sei Shounagon as soon as stated, “fuyu wa tsutomete…” I’m certain you understand what that suggests, [protagonist name.]

A: Winter early mornings are positive.


Q: What is the old Indian wonderful message I stated today?

A: The Upanishads


Q: They made use of white make-up, tweezed their brows for drawn-on ones, as well as tinted their teeth with limonite. But do you believe the guys did these points?

A: They did both

December class solutions


Q: Which allotrope is created by 3 oxygen atoms.

A: Ozone


Q: Did you hear what she stated, [protagonist name]? Do you understand the solution?

A: Cacti

Junpei and Yukari stand in the dorm common area. Junpei says “I’m  totally a hip, happenin’ teen, ya dig!?”

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December Exams


Q: What year did the fight of Dan- no-ura start?

A: 1185


Q: Which component is discovered in the ozone?

A: Oxygen


Q: Which policy associates with the Lorentz Force?

A: Left- hand policy


Q: Translate the following: “Fuyu wa tsutomete.”

A: Winter early mornings are positive.


Q: Which plural is created properly?

A: Cacti

December proceeded


Q: What sorcery was Himiko stated to have made use of?

A: Kido.


Q: What is the sensation of joy in a near-death experience called?

A: Euphoria.

January class solutions


Q: Of the 3 expressions I’ve composed on the chalkboard, inform me … which one is proper?-

A: It’s incorrect.


Q: I stated 2 Greek hags. One was Medea; that was the various other?

A: Circe.


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