Oxygen Not Included newbie’s information: how one can construct the right house colony

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After a prolonged early entry interval, house colony sim Oxygen Not Included is now out within the wild, so listed below are our high tricks to get you began.

While the game opens with the immediate to command your Duplicates to begin digging, you’re going to wish greater than a bit elbow grease to outlive. You’ll want to collect supplies, entry meals and water and, because the title suggests, oxygen.

In this information, we’ll be taking a look at what you should know earlier than beginning a brand new game that can assist you become familiar with Oxygen Not Included’s mechanics and maintain your Duplicates alive.

Oxygen Not Included – ideas for getting began

Oxygen ranges

If your Duplicates run out of oxygen, they’ll maintain their breath for a time earlier than working to an oxygenated space. Areas on the map which can be blue in color have a greater oxygen provide, so dig in the direction of these if you happen to can.

You’ll have to construct the Oxygen Diffuser, which requires some energy and Algae to work. Research the Manuel Generator and Tiny Battery, then join them to your diffuser to get began. Eventually, you’ll be capable to use the Electrolyzer to transform water into oxygen and hydrogen, which comes with its personal dangers.

There’s additionally the air deodoriser and scrubber, which take away contaminated oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively, although the latter will produce contaminated water. You can purify that utilizing the water air purifier later.

As an apart, carbon dioxide will journey downwards, so attempt to construct sleeping and dwelling quarters within the center to higher sections of your base. You’ll additionally want to make sure that there’s sufficient air to develop crops, in addition to ensuring your crops are within the appropriate surroundings.

Research tree

The analysis tree is your studying instrument, although it’s not clear the place it’s best to begin. Ideally, it’s best to analysis food-based expertise first as your Duplicates will starve to demise earlier than they suffocate. Look at farmings fundamentals first to get Algae Terrariums which can assist eliminate the carbon dioxide. You can eliminate them as soon as your carbon dioxide ranges have dropped low sufficient.

Next, take a look at energy regulation to construct extra sustainable home equipment, however you’ll want to construct the generator and battery first.


You’ll start with 20,000 energy value of meals which received’t final very lengthy between your arduous staff. As you start excavating, you’ll come throughout Bristle Berries, Muckroots and Meal Lice which can complement their weight loss program. Your subsequent job is to construct a Microbe Musher, then join your Manuel Generator and Tiny Battery to it to provide your individual meals.

It can be a good suggestion to progress by way of the Food department of the Research tree early on to get the Planter Box which can will let you begin rising vegetation and making scrumptious treats like Pickled Meal. Some vegetation will burn up a whole lot of oxygen, so decide them fastidiously. Farm Tiles additionally take up much less vertical house, so it’s value contemplating studying about them, too.

It’s additionally essential that you’ve a sink close by in your Duplicates to clean their arms to keep away from contamination.

Water stream

When you uncover water, watch out when digging out tiles as some minerals are stronger than others. If you dig too near a sand tile they will collapse, doubtlessly flooding your base, which can injury equipment and drown your Duplicates.

Collapsing sand tiles may additionally result in your Duplicates falling down a gap and getting caught, which is an issue in itself.

You’ll have to construct a pitcher pump over the water supply to be able to bottle it, in addition to a bottle emptier to maneuver it or acquire polluted water. You can filter polluted water with the water sieve and might ultimately construct a water air purifier.

Basic sanitation and caring for Duplicates

Duplicates are your little colonists who will get pressured, go to the toilet and ultimately die, so plan forward to fulfill each fundamental human want. One of the primary issues it’s best to do is construct an outhouse, as you don’t need any polluted water resulting from unhealthy sanitation.

If a Duplicate have been to by some means die, bear in mind to bury them until you need Morb creatures sucking up all of your treasured oxygen. Later within the game, they’ll be extra helpful, however for now, you need to keep away from them if you happen to can.

Coincidentally, they don’t like being coated in shit, so that you’re extra more likely to get a sick or offended Duplicate if you happen to don’t construct any bathrooms. Should your Duplicates run by way of polluted poop water, you may simply mop it up however you need to clear them off in clear water or else they’ll contaminate a bigger space.

If your Duplicate will get pressured they’ll throw up or go on a harmful rampage on probably the most very important tools, so attempt to not crunch them too arduous. Vomit may also contaminate water and injury tools, which may finish your colony shortly, so carry on high of any stress by ensuring there are many beds, too.


As we mentioned earlier, sure vegetation should be grown in particular environments, with the temperature being one of many key components. The Temperature Overlay will aid you see the totally different temperatures in every biome which can aid you plan forward.

Depending on the temperature, totally different gasses and germs shall be current which may infect your Duplicates or result in an explosion. You can use airlocks and insulated tile to maintain these risks at bay, in addition to pure safety from Abyssalite veins.

A phrase of warning: don’t attempt to break by way of these veins till later within the game – you don’t need to be obliterated by being woefully unprepared.

Base Building

Don’t broaden your base too quick or settle for too many new colonists without delay; it’s higher to construct slowly and preserve some equilibrium in Oxygen Not Included. If you’re constructing with a lot of wires, attempt to construct them into the partitions and flooring, as this can improve the decor ranking.

Make certain you may have sufficient outhouses, beds and decor in your minions, in addition to storage bins. You can ultimately make a room to retailer your bins by which will make your Duplicates a bit happier. Another strategy to eliminate infectious supplies is to retailer them underwater, as lack of air will kill off any germs. Select every bin and select what materials shall be saved there to make it simpler.

Keep an eye fixed out for supplies like copper and iron ore, algae, sand and slime which you should use initially. It’s equally essential to attempt to select Duplicates with good expertise, like excessive digging and development expertise. You’ll additionally want a scientist, ideally with a excessive studying statistic and medication.

Good Duplicate qualities are Diver’s Lungs, Naturally Robust and Iron Gut, as they provide your Duplicate all-round higher resilience. Or, if you happen to like a problem, decide some who want double the quantity of oxygen to breathe or who can turn out to be sick shortly.

Each map is randomly generated so that you may it hit fortunate and have every little thing you want shut at hand. Other instances, you received’t be so fortunate and can lose some Duplicates alongside the way in which.