Overwatch’s Assault maps are vanishing yet might return, revamped, in Overwatch 2

The exterior of Shimada castle is flanked by cherry blossom trees in a screenshot of Overwatch’s Hanamura map

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

When Overwatch 2 goes stay in October, professional Overwatch gamers will certainly observe that a couple of maps– Hanamura, Volskaya, and also Temple of Anubis, especially– will efficiently go away from thegame Those 3 Assault- kind maps will not belong to the typical turning in fast play and also affordable games, as Blizzard is relocating far from the controversial game kind and also bringing a new mode, Push, to Overwatch 2

While some Overwatch gamers will certainly take a breath a sigh of alleviation that Assault maps (also known as 2CP maps) are being terminated for Overwatch 2, maps like Hanamura have solid connections to the story of Overwatch, especially for heroes Hanzo and also Genji.

In a roundtable meeting with Overwatch designers, art supervisor Dion Rogers claimed that the workshop wishes to bring maps like Hanamura back, at some point, yet in a really various type.

“It was a tough decision for us to lose the Assault maps,” Rogers claimed. “Hanamura being among directly my preferred maps in the game, with the Japanese visual and also gallery that you damage. We do strategy to recycle this somehow due to the fact that it’s linked to the tradition a lot– [just like] Temple of Anubis and alsoVolskaya

“When we initially built the game, a lot of the maps were directly related to the lore, so we’re hoping to revisit [them], especially Hanamura, in some way, as either a new map that uses a similar aesthetic or another section of Hanamura. There’s a bunch of ideas.”

Rogers kept in mind that Overwatch 2 gamers will certainly still have the ability to accessibility Assault maps in customized games, yet not in the preferred fast play and also affordable game kinds.

“But we really think it’s better if they were a part of the key maps in the game,” Rogers claimed. “So we definitely talked a lot about how to reuse those maps. We will rebuild a new map but with the same aesthetics.”


Source: Polygon


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