Overwatch Valentine’s Day strains appear to verify Genji x Mercy ship, however don’t neglect Blizzard mentioned there wouldn’t be an occasion

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Overwatch has a number of new voice strains which appear suspiciously romantic.


Overwatch PTR information miners have turned up new voice strains on Blizzard’s check server.

Redditor akhanubis (by way of Destructoid) shared a number of of those strains on the Overwatch subreddit, notably a set that appears to verify Mercy and Genji have a barely extra particular relationship than physician and affected person. Here’s Mercy to Genji:

Not sufficient to sink your favorite Overwatch ship, the SS Phamercy? Here’s Genji’s response:

Hmm! It’s slim, however so are many of the clues Blizzard provides us concerning Overwatch’s characters and backstory. But bear in mind that letter in the Overwatch Christmas comic? I’m beginning to assume this one is canon. It’s a reasonably in style pairing exterior Phamercy circles.

Back to recreation information: this dialogue of chocolate in Overwatch voice strains so near February 14 has led to some excited hypothesis Valentine’s Day occasion in Overwatch, nevertheless it’s fairly unlikely. Back in December, Overwatch recreation director Jeff Kaplan instructed Battle.net forum goers Blizzard isn’t planning both Valentine’s Day or Easter occasions.

There is a lot on the Overwatch 2017 roadmap, although, and we’re already seeing a few of what Blizzard promised in December turning up on the PTR now. Should be a busy yr for the bestselling shooter.

The information mine additionally turned up two different new Genji strains, together with one other one about chocolate, and a number of other random strains from different Overwatch heroes which is probably not new. The linked thread additionally rounds up the New Year’s decision strains, should you haven’t heard all of them in-game.