Overwatch 2 strategies 3 brand-new heroes a year beginning with a brand-new storage tank this December

An unannounced storage tank as well as 2 assistances remain in the jobs

Overwatch 2 roadmap

(Image credit score: Activision Blizzard)

The devs claim that they’re currently working with heroes prepared for a year-and-a-half right into the future, with a container as well as 2 assistances prepared for the initial number of periods. The upcoming heroes consist of both personalities we’ve seen tips of – that fox is a safe bet – as well as individuals we’ve never ever seen prior to.

With that type of upgrade tempo, the number of heroes is Overwatch 2 really going to obtain? “There’s obviously a lot of production issues, like how fast we make heroes, be happy with them, and make sure they’re something we really like,” Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman informs press in a Q&A session. “But also, there’s other questions like – let’s look at ourselves 10 years from now. How big should the roster actually be?”

Goodman indicate the large lineups of combating games as well as MOBAs as instances of categories that can manage large lineups. “There’s a lot of different games that do handle it in different ways. And I think a lot of that is just whatever feels right for the game.”

Ultimately, Goodman recommends that the lineup will certainly remain to broaden as long as individuals maintain playing. “As long as people are playing the game and loving it and wanting new heroes, we’re definitely down to make more. So if we end up in a situation and we have 150 heroes, and people are still jazzed to play and we feel like we can still make really cool heroes, then we’ll keep going.”

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