One Tears of the Kingdom gamer is recording every NPC’s response to a nude Link

Tears of the Kingdom Link no clothes on
(Image credit report: Nintendo / u/acidhouses)

A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gamer is recording exactly how the citizens of Hyrule respond to Link when he’s obtained hardly any kind of clothing on.

Reddit customer u/acidhouses has actually been sharing screenshots demonstrating how different NPCs in Tears of the Kingdom respond to an (practically) nude Link. Most of the feedbacks have actually been humorous, with different personalities asking Link to cover himself up or talking about exactly how chilly he needs to be roaming around in little to no clothing. 

Some of my favored feedbacks consist of citizens claiming points like: “Well he’s quite confident…” and also “down to the skivvies, hm?”, along with Beedle claiming “I thought I dressed light!” There are additionally some much more straight responses, such as Katta directly informing Link to “put more clothes on!” We asked Acidhouses what their favored one has actually been thus far, to which they stated: “Geez, that’s tough. I think ‘Where are your clothes?’ from the Zora who is also without clothing.” 

The ‘Things individuals claim when Link is nude’ collection makes up 4 components, with each message having around 20 screenshots – so there’s a whole lot to see. As for whether the collection will proceed past that, the Reddit customer informs us: “I originally only planned to do three parts, but other commenters have been very helpful in mentioning other instances that I’ve expanded my screenshots to at least Part 5.” 

[TotK] Things people say when Link is naked. Part 1 from r/zelda

[TotK] Things people say when Link is naked. Part 2 from r/zelda

So exactly how did the suggestion also happen? According to Acidhouses, they generally play personalities with no shield on (e.g.: in the Souls collection and also World of Warcraft), so it appears they were simply doing the exact same when playing Tears of the Kingdom and also found a pattern among Hyrule citizens. 

It’s intriguing to see that Tears of the Kingdom’s designers went to the initiative of providing every one of the NPCs their very own responses to Link in this details state. It’s a lot more outstanding when you keep in mind that there’s a possibility some gamers might never ever ceremony Link around in his undergarments, so might totally miss out on every one of these communications.

It resembles various other Tears of the Kingdom gamers are additionally obtaining a great deal of pleasure out of seeing Link’s nude experiences. One of the very best follower responses I’ve seen thus far is the Reddit customer that stated: “The Gorons have less clothing than Link and yet still have the audacity to judge” – due to the fact that it is definitely real. 

This is simply among the means Tears of the Kingdom gamers have actually maintained themselves hectic because the Breath of the Wild follow up was launched a number of weeks earlier. In instance you missed it, Tears of the Kingdom gamers have actually been generating creative ways to torture Koroks – which is most likely not what Nintendo anticipated followers to ever before be doing. 

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