One Piece Odyssey: Water Seven provides its gameplay, a video clip of greater than 6 minutes

Although it will certainly not go to the foot of the tree, One Piece Odyssey means to benefit from the calmness of January to attempt to develop itself as the J-RPG not to be missed out on after the vacations. Proof of this is with this brand-new huge gameplay video clip, lasting almost 6″30 min, in which the gameplay of Water Seven is detailed. Bandai Namco Entertainment and the studio ILCA had already introduced this place inspired by Venice a few weeks away, but this time we will go into detail. Our pirates will indeed spend time on this island where they will be able to explore the city, but also discover the backstage of the Galley-La Company, a shipyard where the best boats in the world are built. If the video presents some exclusive features depending on the character chosen (for example Luffy can take inaccessible routes via his Gum Gum Rocket), we mainly get to know the “Bond Arts” (Techniques Link), special trio attacks unlocked by completing the quest “Memory Link”, in which you must repair memories in the world of Memoria and understand the bonds between the members of the Father’s Hat crew. girl.

The release of One Piece Odyssey is expected for January 13 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.


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