Not completely evil: Helldivers 2’s Joel takes on game master role, surprises player with exclusive vehicle before disappearing

Helldivers 2 intro cutscene helldiver thumbs up
(Image credit scores: Sony)

There are couple of people as mystical as Helldivers 2‘s galactic game master Joel – the guy drawing all the strings of the battle, continuously functioning to develop the third-person shooter’s story, in addition to providing Major Orders to all of us. 

He’s been silently functioning behind the scenes considering that the game’s launch, and has actually come to be a little bit of a tale among the neighborhood, also if some may see him as even more of a villain offered the obstacles he’s established for us.

But certainly Joel must be among us, likewise component of the battle versus the Terminids and Automatons, right? According to a viral clip, it appears he could be getting back at extra straight entailed than we recognized, as it’s been declared that he signed up with a game and provided gamers a substantial unreleased lorry to utilize prior to disappearing right into the evening. 

If it’s to be thought, Joel can be seen talking with various other gamers in the video clip: “Hey guys I need to get back to work,” the message log reviews. “Please take this,” he includes, prior to decreasing in as-of-yet unreleased lorry.

It’s worth keeping in mind that, at the time of creating, it’s not been verified by either Joel himself or any one of the various other Arrowhead Game Studios participants that this actually was the game master directly supplying this present to gamers. The presence of cars in Helldivers 2 is something we have actually learnt about through leakages – apparently from datamines – for a couple of weeks currently, with clips of the very same APC-like lorry initial arising online at the beginning of the month. With that in mind, there’s a possibility it might have been an imitator. 

As we understand nevertheless, Arrowhead is never ever fast to validate if specific enhancements to the game are actual also if they undoubtedly are. Game supervisor Johan Pilestedt formerly emphatically rejected the presence of flying pests, and branded video footage of them as “propaganda from bug sympathizers.” Only just recently did he lastly fall apart, including: “I have always believed there to be a possibility of flying bugs.”

All points thought about, it appears it’s possibly just an issue of time prior to even more gamers will certainly have the ability to obtain their hands on cars similar to this, however it’s unclear when. If Joel actually did decrease right into a game to allow gamers attempt one out, allow’s hope he’s intending to check out a couple of even more to offer even more people a possibility to attempt them. 

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