No Man's Sky Adrift Update

No Man’s Sky Update – version 4.72

Thank you for playing No Man’s Sky Expedition: Adrift. We appreciate those who have reported issues via Zendesk or console crash messages. We have listened to your feedback and have fixed a few issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.72, which is available on all platforms.

List of changes:

  • Iron Vulture Engine: Fixed an issue that caused engine effects to not activate.
  • Expedition Labels: Fixed an issue that caused the “previous expedition” label to not appear on the save selection screen when another expedition was active.
  • Duplicate Milestones: Fixed an issue that caused Nutrient Processor plans to be issued for two Adrift milestones.
  • Ship of the Damned: Players can now obtain this ship even if they previously declined a cargo ship reward from a previous Adrift expedition milestone.
  • S-Class Updates: Fixed an issue that caused some expedition milestones to be unclaimable if the reward improved a ship or multitool that already had an S-Class.
  • Invisible Ships: Fixed an issue that caused ships to become invisible during some planetary storms.
  • Planetary Tornadoes: Fixed minor issues related to planetary tornadoes.
  • Text Corrections: Fixed a few minor text errors.
  • Pre-order Ships: Horizon Omega and Prime Vector pre-order ships will no longer be treated as cargo ships, preventing crashes.
  • Xbox Multiplayer: A specific crash related to multiplayer on Xbox has been fixed.

We are working to roll these out to other platforms as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support and feedback!


No Man’s Sky