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No Man’s Sky Singularity Update – version 4.34

Hello everyone,

We’re grateful to everyone who’s been a part of the No Man’s Sky Singularity Expedition, particularly those who took the time to report any issues they encountered via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We are keenly listening to your feedback and have resolved a number of issues that have come up. All these fixes are incorporated in patch 4.34, which is live now.

Bug fixes:

  • Players can now remap movement to the cursor keys without unintentionally moving around while navigating the quick menu.
  • We have fixed an issue which stopped the cursor from rendering while changing controls in the Game Mode options screen.
  • We resolved an issue that led to several options being absent from the options menu, or certain options appearing when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Terrain Manipulator menus to scroll incorrectly in VR.
  • Addressed a rare issue which caused all NPCs to fall out of the Space Station.
  • Fixed a rare crash occurring in VR.
  • Introduced a rendering optimization for VR.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the depth of field effect to be overly strong on some platforms.
  • Fixed an issue causing black speckles to flicker across the screen during interactions that utilize the depth of field effect.
  • Fixed a rare issue that left player-owned Interceptor ships without any installed technology.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch occurring in the Atlas’ particle effects when playing on Switch.
  • Resolved an issue causing eyeballs to be incorrectly positioned within a specific Traveller-style head in the Appearance Modifier.
  • Introduced a memory optimization related to planetary creatures.
  • Resolved an issue causing the starship’s landing gear to be incorrectly raised after saving/loading within a landed ship.
  • Fixed an issue causing first-person cockpit exit animations to fail to play.
  • Addressed an issue which allowed excessive creature spawning in multiplayer.
  • Resolved a Mac-specific issue causing large bases to load very slowly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Singularity expedition from converting into a Normal mode save after completion.
  • Fixed a crash relating to freighter synchronization in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ship at the start of the Singularity expedition to be missing its Vesper Sail.
  • Resolved an issue causing incorrect collision on outpost landing pads.
  • Addressed an issue causing players to be ejected from the Multi-Tool comparison screen when trying to pin repair instructions for a Multi-Tool they don’t yet own.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players were falsely informed their inventory was full when claiming the reward for the “Wayfarer” milestone.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the galaxy map Mission Path to point to the wrong destination system.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some freighter engines from being correctly recolored when choosing a new engine trail.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Multi-Tool.
  • Resolved a graphical issue causing the player to briefly appear while teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue preventing starship distress beacons from animating correctly.
  • Addressed an issue causing Multi-Tools belonging to other players to attach to NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in players getting permanently stuck to the chair in the Guild Envoy’s area of the Space Station.
  • Fixed an issue causing Sentinel Interceptor ships to be worth 10x as much as other ships when salvaging.
  • Resolved an issue allowing excessive Communication Stations to spawn on expedition planets.
  • Fixed a hang related to reloading missions.
  • Fixed a crash related to base part rendering.
  • Resolved a rare issue causing the current expedition to end early.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to the mission log.
  • Fixed a PlayStation 4 crash related to reporting bases.
We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Source: nomanssky.com

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