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No Man’s Sky Singularity Update – version 4.33


We extend our appreciation to everyone involved in the No Man’s Sky Singularity Expedition, particularly those who took time to report issues they’ve encountered via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We’re paying close attention to your feedback, and have identified and fixed a number of issues. These corrections are incorporated in patch 4.33, which is now live on Steam and will be available on other platforms as soon as we can manage.

Bug fixes:

  1. Rectified a problem that might prevent the “They Hear Us” milestone from completing if the player solved the puzzle before using their scanner to find the autophage.
  2. Resolved a rare problem that could stop the “Rampancy” milestone from completing when the target number of Corrupted Sentinels were destroyed.
  3. Fixed an issue with encrypted milestones that could cause them to inaccurately list the correct prerequisite for unlocking them.
  4. Made a number of text changes to better clarify the community-centric nature of the “Sentience Echo” milestone.
  5. Introduced a new feature at Nada’s Prime Terminal allowing players to hand in 10 Echo Seeds in a single batch.
  6. Corrected an issue that might hide the Mission Path in the Galaxy Map if the mission destination coincided with an Atlas Station or a black hole.
  7. Fixed a problem that could cause the player’s collision size to be overly large, especially in multiplayer mode.
  8. Rectified a number of graphical glitches with the Wayfarer’s Helm.
  9. Solved an issue preventing the Discordant Jetpack Trail from rendering correctly.
  10. Fixed a problem that could hide some customization options in the UI when playing at very specific resolutions.
  11. Corrected a Mac crash issue related to playing the game on a second monitor.


We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Source: nomanssky.com

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