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No Man’s Sky Echoes Update – version 4.40

In this latest update, No Man’s Sky introduces the Autophage, a mysterious mechanical race spread throughout the galaxy. Discover their hidden stories, uncover new missions, and indulge in expanded customization options. Moreover, the game now offers enhanced features related to monoliths, a brand new Wonder Projector base part, cape customizations for certain players, and a new option to decommission Multi-Tools. Here’s a detailed breakdown:



  • The galaxy now houses the Autophage, a novel race of mechanical constructs.
  • Engage in a narrative-focused mission that dives into the Convergence, the Atlas, and universal truths.
  • Complete the mission to receive the Voltaic Staff, a unique Multi-Tool with special animations.
  • The Autophage will appear as a separate faction in your Journey Milestones, with respective medals and missions.
  • Use specific technology to detect hidden Autophage camps on numerous planets.
  • Learn the Autophage’s distinct language consisting of hundreds of words.
  • Enhance your reputation with the Autophage to unlock special player titles.
  • High-standing players can accept new, varied missions from individual Autophage, earning reputation, words, exclusive rewards, and more.
  • A plethora of Autophage customization options are available. Collect Void Motes by aiding the Autophage and use them to access these options at any construct camp.
  • New procedurally-generated Exosuit technologies are available from the Autophage.
  • Players can now acquire cloth-based customization choices like drapes, hoods, and masks. Once unlocked, mix these with other customization options for numerous fresh appearances.
  • Players with adequate reputation can earn and design their custom staff Multi-Tool.


  • Engage with the Autophage to uncover hidden tales within Korvax monolith sites.
  • Using Atlantideum on these relics provides new lore, shedding light on the history of the Korvax and the Constructs.
  • Rare Atlantid Multi-Tools, exchangeable for nanites, can be found at these locations. These come with a Runic Lens, blending mining and cloaking functions.


  • A new base item, the Wonder Projector, is available for research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Use this holographic gadget to embellish your base with 3D images of your favorite finds.


  • Nintendo Switch players can now wear capes.
  • Those who should have received a cape from a previous Expedition on Switch will have their saved data updated and will be credited accordingly.
  • Players using a Vy’keen appearance can now sport capes.


  • Visit the Space Anomaly for the new Multi-Tool salvage point.
  • Multi-Tools can now be converted into valuable scrap, freeing up space and granting upgrades and various resources.
We continue to listen to your feedback and make necessary improvements to the game. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Source: nomanssky.com

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