Nioh information: what the fundamental results do, and use them

Master the weather to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.


Nioh has a couple of areas the place it may be just a little obtuse – that’s maybe a part of its ultra-difficult appeal. We’ve been producing recommendations on varied facets of the sport for a couple of days now, however one side of it evaded even us: the character of the sport’s elemental results.

Like many RPGs, Nioh options standing illnesses you can afflict enemies with. Plan forward in the fitting means and you’ll set enemies ablaze or afflict them with different issues that’ll make their lives so much tougher – and shorter. For some harder enemies standing results can actually make all of the distinction, which makes it all of the extra perplexing that Nioh is definitely fairly unhealthy at telling gamers what precisely every impact does.

We’re right here, although – haven’t any concern – thanks to a tweet from the official Japanese Nioh twitter account we now understand how they work. Magic!

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Understanding Nioh’s Elements & Elemental Effects

  • The Fire Element offers harm to enemies over time once they’re hit with it.
  • The Water Element will increase the quantity of harm enemies take over time; hit them with water, then gentle them up with extra assaults to see the bonuses.
  • The Wind Element is my private favorite, and reduces the enemy’s resistance to interrupt and skill to dam/parry. Basically, use this to put on enemies down with relentless assaults.
  • The Lightning Element makes enemies weaker in a means that’s significantly cool for sure forms of tough foe – it considerably slows their assault and motion pace, that means you possibly can extra simply dodge them, kite round them and so forth.
  • The Earth Element is one other favorite, as whereas it doesn’t have an instantaneous impression like some others, it doubles the enemy’s Ki Consumption. This is crippling, and may in flip result in enemies being exhausted extra usually and thus open to some devastatingly highly effective assaults in your half.
  • The Poison Element does harm over time – and to a better diploma than Fire.
  • The Paralysis Element freezes the goal in place for a set time, letting you go wild.

Crucially, these parts can in fact be deployed in opposition to William, too, so that you’ll wish to be careful you don’t get caught by one thing nasty.

You can get entry to most of those results by way of amulets, which can be utilized so as to add elemental harm to your weapon. A Fire Amulet will add the impact of fireside to your weapon, for example, making that hitting with the weapon will apply the fireplace elemental impact to the enemy you hit as long as they’re weak to it.

If you’re intelligent and fast you possibly can toss collectively a number of elemental results – a mixture of Earth and Wind can result in a extremely weak enemy who you possibly can rush down in a means that’d be in any other case inconceivable, for example. Experiment with the weather in opposition to these enemies and managers that offer you hassle to search out what makes them crumble.

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