Nintendo Switch will get glowing 5-star evaluations from Amazon prospects

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“Finally, I can play on tv while i’m on the bog taking a big fat devil’s third.”


It hasn’t been 24 hours since Nintendo unveiled its Switch console to the world, however it’s already getting 5-star evaluations on Amazon.

Currently sitting with a advice of 4.8 out of 5 after 44 punters reviewed it, there’s a combination of glowing advice on the positioning alongside borderline sarcasm.

“How can anyone write a review about a product that doesn’t exist?” ponders Nik The Geek, earlier than reviewing a product that doesn’t exist. “I suppose you can review an idea, so here goes.”

“Personally, I think they have smashed it with this console. You get the best of both worlds. A decent living room TV console running a custom Nvidia Tegra graphics chipset and when un-docking, you get a great looking handheld console that takes 3DS-style cartridges.”

Ste Boothroyd can be happy with the moveable options of the brand new console. “Finally, I can play on tv and then keep playing while i’m on the bog taking a big fat devil’s third,” he stated.

“This is the best device known to man,” stated Amazon Customer, somebody who’s clearly completely named to write down an internet assessment for

“Monster hunter nx nuff said,” stated DANO, earlier than naming a bunch of video games that haven’t been confirmed for the system.

“Worth buying just for that. oh and xenoblades x 2 oh and zelda. final fantasy 7 remake if that goes nintendo bye bye my dusty useless ps4. Maybe a new Metroid on its way. ok now im really really excited. This could be my all time favorite console.”

He didn’t cease there, both: “Better than the game cube….wow how about a new animal crossing. Luigi mansion. Fzero. Pikmin 4. Bayonetta 3. Im day one and booking a week off work.”

“Apparently I love the product even though it doesn’t exist yet,” added tldr.

Of course that is the web, so for all of the constructive evaluations there’s at all times going to be some haters.

“This looks so wack very disappointed in this was looking forward 2 this as well this will be the 1st nintendo console i wont b buying,” supplied Golgo 13.

Miss E Carr isn’t going to be fooled once more by Nintendo, both. “Same old Nintendo trying a new gimmick, not gonna fall for it this time, we are gonna have to rebuy all our Wii/Wii u games again,” she stated.

So there you go: the primary evaluations are in for the Nintendo Switch and they’re very constructive. What rating out of 5 would you give it, readers?