New Footage from “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” Reveals Extended Cutscene and Hints at Iconic Boulder Chase

The most recent video of MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game revealed a prolonged cutscene, some gameplay clips, and a tease of the very first movie’s rock run. In the video we see Jones and a buddy discovering a battlewagon in some way set down in addition to an icy hill. What complies with is a prolonged cutscene where Jones comes in person with a verbose Nazi that actually desires the rock Jones found. A punchout occurs and the ship starts to drop prior to the video changed to a collection of gameplay fragments. Perhaps most amazing, nonetheless, was a tease of Indiana Jones eluding the rock like he performed in the very first movie. Maybe the Great Circle will include traditional minutes from the movies?

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is prepared for launch this year, yet we still do not recognize the launch day.



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