MultiVersus: All upcoming and also dripped competitors

A variety of Shaggy skins in MultiVersus

Image: Player First Games

MultiVersus is a couple of weeks right into its pre-season beta duration, and also italready has 17 characters to choose from Although the game’s first season has been delayed, 2 even more heroes will certainly sign up with the lineup in the following number of months. But what concerning past? Who else from the globe ofWarner Bros will involve the system fighter?

Below, we’ve noted out every one of the verified personalities for MultiVersus, along with a total listing of both datamined and also reported competitors.

Confirmed upcoming Multiversus personalities

As of MultiVersus‘ pre-season, Player First Games has actually disclosed 2 upcoming personalities: Rick Sanchez and also Morty Smith from Rick and also Morty.

Morty will certainly involve the game at the beginning of period 1, with Rick joining his grand son prior to the period’s end. Morty will certainly be a bruiser, placing him in the exact same course as Batman and also LeBronJames Rick will certainly be a mage, much like Bugs Bunny– a contrast he ‘d certainly enjoy.

Leaked and also datamined personalities

MultiVersus currently has a large lineup, with 19 personalities consisted of by the end of its very first period.

The there have actually been a whole lot of dripped and also reported personalities. datamine from early March most reliable leakage is aThere more recent roster sheet‘s likewise a

Here consisted of leakages, declared datamines, and also reports, although it does not consist of any kind of straight sourcing. March’s the listing of competitors dripped in the very early

  • Marvin datamine: Martian the Looney Tunes (
  • Joker)Comics (DC
  • Nubia)Comics (DC
  • Raven)Comics (DC
  • Gandalf)Lord (Rings of the
  • Legolas)Lord (Rings of the
  • Harry Potter)Harry Potter (
  • Ron Weasley)Harry Potter (
  • Gizmo)Gremlins (
  • Cromulon)Rick (Morty and also
  • Fred Flintstone)The Flintstones (
  • Johnny Bravo)Johnny Bravo (
  • Mad Max)Mad Max (
  • Ben) Ben 10 ( 10
  • Godzilla)Godzilla (
  • King Kong)King Kong (
  • Neo)The Matrix (
  • Scorpion)Mortal Kombat (
  • Sub Zero)Mortal Kombat (
  • Emmet)The Lego Movie (
  • Naruto)Naruto (
  • Wreck)It Ralph-Fix or It Felix-Wreck (It Ralph
  • The Incredible Hulk)Marvel (

With)“how likely is it that all of these characters make it to MultiVersus?” Well the above dripped lineup, you might be asking on your own, game, given that these personalities are datamined, we understand they’ll show up in the However in some way (thinking they aren’t terminated– and also thinking the datamine isn’t illegal). Cromulon, whether these personalities are in fact usable is a various issue– as an example, game is currently in the Rick by means of the Morty and also

Even phase, and also it’s vague if they’ll ever before be greater than a phase decor.Marvel this datamined listing must be taken with a large grain of salt (it’s tough to visualize any kind of However personalities ever before making it right into MultiVersus, as an example). Marvin, it’s worth keeping in mind that numerous of these personalities– such as Martian the Gandalf and also Characters– have actually shown up on numerous dripped lineups and also appear like more secure wagers. Harry Potter from WB’s most prominent franchise business (like

We) likewise appear like certainties. “out-there”’ll require to wait and also see the amount of of the even more Player First Games personalities are genuine, yet if carries out also half of the personalities over, MultiVersus

remains in for an odd and also amazing number of years.


: (*).

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