Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to beat Alatreon and full the armour set

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A brand new monster has been added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and it’s a little bit of a grind to beat it.

The Alatreon is lastly out there to tackle and also you’ll be capable of craft a bunch of weapons and armour when you’ve defeated it. A phrase of warning, nonetheless: even high-level Master Rank gamers are going to search out defeating the Alatreon an actual problem, so in the event you get your arse handed to you on the primary go, attempt to not fear about it.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to beat Alatreon

How to start the Blazing Black Twilight quest

First off, it is advisable decide up the search to search out and defeat Alatreon. You can discover the Blazing Black Twilight quest within the Master Rank Special Assignments folder. You’ll want a Master Rank of 24 or greater and you’ve got a time restrict of 50 minutes to defeat it. You’ll be capable of discover Alatreon within the Secluded Valley and it’ll all the time start in Fire Active mode for this quest.

Once you’ve overwhelmed it when you’ll then be capable of face it once more in occasion quests. If you see a quest referred to as The Evening Star, it’ll begin the combat in Fire Active but when the search is Dawn of the Death Star, it’ll start with Ice Active. This will affect what elemental sort it’s best to take into the combat, however I’ll clarify the combat cycle under.

Alatreon combat cycle

Alatreon is a black elder dragon, so it’s fairly apparent you’re gonna have a difficult combat in your arms. It can change look in the course of the battle which in flip modifications its elemental assault sort and in addition to its weaknesses. It may ship out a robust shockwave referred to as the Escaton Judgement that may wipe you out fairly quick, so that you’ll wish to have a spread of elemental assaults out there in your arsenal. It would even be prudent to equip an Astera Jerky for later within the combat.

Its kind revolves round Fire Active, Dragon Active and Ice Active and it often begins the combat in both Fire or Ice Active, relying on the search. At some level, it’ll tackle the Dragon Active earlier than ending the cycle on both Fire or Ice, no matter it didn’t begin with, earlier than unleashing the Escaton Judgement transfer.

If you’ve dealt sufficient elemental injury, it’s best to be capable of heal and proceed to wreck the Alatreon all through the combat but when not, put together to die. You’ll have to heal rather a lot throughout this battle – I actually can’t underline that sufficient. You wish to deal sufficient elemental injury that Escaton Judgement will turn out to be a weaker assault, permitting you to outlive longer.

Another key factor to recollect is that the one time you possibly can injury Alatreon’s horns is when it’s in Dragon Active mode and is the final level within the cycle you’ll must suppress the Escaton Judgement transfer earlier than it’s launched. If you handle to interrupt its horns, it gained’t be capable of change to the subsequent component.

This signifies that in case your setup leans closely on Ice injury, you gained’t need it switching to Ice Active within the remaining part, so convey one thing with excessive injury to ensure you inflict sufficient Ice injury within the Fire stage and might break the horns within the Dragon stage.

This cycle can occur two or 3 times till Alatreon is useless and it could be an excellent thought to workforce up with a couple of buddies to sort out it. Attacking its hind legs is less complicated and safer within the first part of the combat, and it could be a good suggestion to convey the Temporal Mantle to clutch claw your manner onto its head to interrupt the horns within the Dragon part.

Alatreon elemetal weak point varieties

The Alatreon has totally different weak point varieties for every of its types. It’s breakable and severable factors don’t appear to alter all through – specifically the top, wings and tail – so you possibly can hack and smash them as standard.

When in Fire Active mode, it’s weakest in opposition to Ice, for which it has a three-star weak point, and to a lesser extent Water with a two-star weak point. For Ice Active mode, it’s prime weaknesses are Fire and Thunder and in Dragon Active mode, it’s weakest in opposition to Dragon, with the whole lot else doing restricted injury.

You gained’t be capable of brute power your manner by the combat; elementals are key to success. Your goal is to make it flinch through the use of the component it’s weakest to – you’ll know you’re doing a great job when your handler tells you so. At this level, you’ll know you’re weakening the Escaton Judgement transfer, so maintain at it.

Alatreon: Surviving the Escaton Judgement

As Alatreon reaches the ultimate part of the battle, ensure you totally heal your self. If you’ve dealt sufficient elemental injury, the Escaton Judgement will nonetheless injury you however gained’t take you out in a single hit. If you’re taking injury, eat the Astera Jerky which ought to offset the injury a bit of.

If the horns are damaged, Alatreon will return to its beginning component, in any other case, it is going to attain its remaining type of both Fire or Ice. If you’re dealing with the Fire Active model with a Fire weapon, you’ll be doing no injury in any respect. If you survive the Escaton Judgement, the cycle will proceed till its useless.

If you’re working this quest solo, the edge for injury will probably be decrease so that you may discover it a bit simpler. If you’re taking part in with buddies, bully all of them into taking elemental weapons in any other case you’ll simply be losing one another’s time.

That’s just about it. If you wish to see a visible information to defeating this new monster, take a look at the video from Arekkz under. Happy looking!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Alatreon armour and weapons

There are two units of armour to craft as soon as the Alatreon has been defeated, the Alpha and Beta set, with the latter trying like a way more spectacular model of Daedric and Dragon armour from Skyrim. One of the important thing options of Alatreon armour is Alatreon Divinity set bonus, the place your geared up weapon’s elemental energy will increase as your armour’s elemental resistance will increase.

If brief, you higher have a couple of Resistance Gems handy for each the 2 and three-piece set bonus. The two-set bonus us referred to as Element Conversion and the three-set bonus is All Elemental Resistance, which will increase elemental resistance by 20%.

You’ll additionally get a bunch of different gear expertise like Attack Boost, Critical Eye and Resentment. Both the Alpha and Beta units include the Alatreon Divinity perks, however the Beta set expertise range in slots. To craft the armour, you’ll want to assemble Alatreon components like horns, wings and its tail that may be severed in the course of the combat.

The actual irony is that having both set of armour geared up when dealing with Alatreon will make the combat a lot simpler, however it is advisable defeat it first to have the ability to get the armour.

There are additionally a bunch of shiny new Alatreon weapons to craft that include fairly excessive injury and Dragon elemental injury and excellent Sharpness. Each weapon has an upgraded model within the tree you can even craft:

  • Great Sword
  • Dark Claw
  • Sword and protect
  • Dual Blades
  • Hammer
  • Harmony
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Dark Switch Axe
  • Edge and protect
  • Dragonspire
  • Razer
  • Chaos Wing

As you inflict extra injury on the Alatreon you’ll get shiny drops which you’ll want for the weapons, so that you don’t even want to complete the search and defeat it to craft them.

For a extra in-depth take a look at the brand new armour and weapons, take a look at this video from Arekkz here.