Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is damaging conserve documents on computer

Players have actually located a workaround to recover the damaged documents, in the meantime

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(Image credit score: Capcom)

It resembles Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is damaging conserve declare gamers on computer.

Following recently’s launch, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s general customer evaluations are presently rested at “Mixed” onSteam (opens in new tab) The substantial bulk of adverse customer examines bordering the brand-new development case it’s damaged their conserve documents on computer, providing them not able to play the game whatsoever.

“My save file was apparently broken with the release of Sunbreak,” composed one Steam customer, while one more customer basically “coin flip on whether or not it breaks your game.” However, it shows up there’s in fact a workaround for the mistake where Sunbreak makes Monster Hunter Rise save documents unplayable.

Over on the Steam Guides (opens in new tab) area for Monster Hunter Rise, customer Anjeru has actually assembled a brief overview on exactly how to recoup your conserve data if it’s damaged. “At the moment it is suspected that some part of the game’s anti-tampering software, as known as Denuvo, might lead to an corruption of the save games, disallowing players to continue,” the overview begins.

The customer after that describes the YouTube overview seen simply below, exposing that the very same overview still deals with Sunbreak to recoup shed save information. There are 8 actions to recoup your shed save information on computer, which include redownloading your conserve information from the cloud, running the game as a manager, as well as developing an all new save game data.

So, while Sunbreak most certainly is damaging Monster Hunter Rise save declare numerous around on computer, the area has actually the good news is located a workaround. Capcom is yet to formally discuss the concern, as well as the area overview makes it clear that they’re frantically expecting a main repair in a spot for the development in the future.

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