Modern Warfare 2 gamer strikes max degree in under 24 hr with no eliminates

Call of Duty
(Image credit history: Activision)

One Modern Warfare 2 gamer has actually handled to get to max degree in under 24 hr of gameplay time – all without making a solitary kill.

This gamer passes the ideal name of ThatFriendlyGuy, as well as he’s been going after pacifist victories in Escape from Tarkov for a long time prior to handling this Call of Duty difficulty. It ends up that it’s not all that demanding to have success as a kill-free Modern Warfare 2 gamer if you simply play the darn goal.

ThatFriendlyGuy greatly concentrated on objective-based settings like Hardpoint as well as Kill Confirmed. The pacifist course to the max degree of 55 generally includes obtaining helps as well as helping in unbiased captures. Shoot down UAVs, tag adversaries for your colleagues to obtain, as well as plunk down a trouble guard to safeguard goals.

You can see a lot extra in the video clip listed below (through Eurogamer (opens up in brand-new tab)), however ThatFriendlyGuy keeps in mind that by the time he opened whatever for the suitable peacemonger loadout, he was regularly completing games in the leading 3 for his group, as well as finished the difficulty with a 1.4 win proportion.

With 23 hrs as well as 25 mins on the clock, 138 games played, as well as a K/D proportion of, emergency room, no, it’s an outstanding accomplishment, as well as in a Reddit post (opens up in brand-new tab) on the success, ThatFriendlyGuy hypothesizes that this “genuinely could be a faster way than leveling for your average joe playing the game”.

We’ve seen a pacifist run through GTA 5 as well as a no-attack playthrough of Elden Ring, however pacifist runs are a lot less usual in multiplayer games – greatly due to the fact that you would certainly assume all your colleagues would certainly dislike you if you never ever eliminated the opponent group. But ThatFriendlyGuy’s success in COD has me questioning what multiplayer could appear like if we can discover a gamer that both eliminates adversaries as well as plays the goal. Hm. We might never ever understand.

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