Metro creator hints sequence will proceed in video games after ultimate novel, praises 4A Games

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Metro sequence developer 4A Games will carry the Russian post-apocalyptic torch.


Metro creator Dmitry Glukhovsky has mentioned he has no plans to proceed the sequence after Metro 2035 – however that doesn’t imply it’s over.

Glukhovsky made the remark in an AMA on r/books, during which he repeatedly urged gamers to look to Deep Silver for questions concerning the franchise’s future, full with wink emoticon.

“Metro 2035 terminates the book part of the Metro saga. I am not planning to write any other Metro story as a novel,” Glukhovsky said.

“I think, the main questions are answered in Metro 2035. And even if there won’t be any other Metro BOOKS, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Artyom’s story can’t continue in other media…” he added.

Given Glukhovsky’s repeat references to Deep Silver I feel we are able to fairly safely assume he means the mysterious “untitled Metro project” video game uncovered final month.

Metro 2033 was primarily based on the novel of the identical identify, however the second novel, Metro 2034, wouldn’t actually work as a sport, so Glukhovsky collaborated with 4A Games to put in writing Metro: Last Light. Part method by this venture the author realised the story was too big for the game, which resulted in a third Metro novel. This new chapter, Metro 2035, launched in English on December 10.

Speaking of the connection between the books and the video games, Glukhovsky said that he considers all of them “his babies”.

“And Metro 2035 the novel brings the plot lines from Metro books and games together, and characters from the books and the games meet there. So it’s crowning in a way all the outlets of this saga,” he continued.

The creator mentioned he’d been a giant fan of 4A Games for the reason that group labored on S.T.A.L.Ok.E.R. and had nothing however reward for the group’s variations.

“Games, films and books are all different arts. You can’t simply turn book into a film or a game, cause games and films play by their own rules. There’s always a ‘translation’ required, a translation to a new medium,” he said.

“In your entire Metro 2033 the e book, Artyom, the primary character, solely kills one individual. Now – if you adapt this right into a 3D survival horror shooter, that one kill doesn’t appear to be adequate, does it?

“4A Games, who created the Metro video games, did a tremendous job translating my books into video games. They handled the unique content material with a lot love and respect. And we coincide in our notion of what a good Apocalypse ought to seem like.

“I didn’t anticipate Metro video games to be a sentence-by-sentence repetition of the novels. I wished guys to create an unbiased masterpiece primarily based on my tales. And they did. That’s a rule of life: work with gifted people and grant them inventive freedom – as an alternative of working with idiots and controlling each step they make.”

The creator has no issues with the potential for a number of endings and deviations from the canon of the Metro novels, both.

“I am very much FOR interactivity, uncertainty, variability and unpredictabilty,” he said.

“I suggested the hidden ‘karma points’ moral choices system for the first Metro game, and I suggested we allow the ‘moral player’ to avert the catastrophe, described in the book. When you’re Artyom, you should be able to change your destiny – and that of the world.”

Glukhovsky additionally said he has no plans to put in writing a sequel to, his newest novel, however once more hinted the story could proceed in different media. Makes you marvel what else 4A Games could also be engaged on with its expanded group, doesn’t it?

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are each obtainable in up to date kind for current-gen , by the best way.