Melon-twisting puzzler Gnog is free on the Epic Games Store

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Gnog is completely spellbinding and charming in its daft, joyful silliness,” our former John (RPS in peace) mentioned in his Gnog review when it lastly got here out final 12 months. A giant fan of twiddling and twisting and tugging heads to see the secrets and techniques they maintain, that one. And within the game. Gnog arms us playful puzzleheads to open up, look inside, fiddle with, and finally resolve. The mucking-about is simply as necessary because the fixing, see. If you missed Gnog, hey, it’s now the newest freebie on the Epic Games Store.

Hit the Epic Games Store to seize Gnog without cost. You’ll want an account to say it on, obvs, and Epic’s Launcher software program to obtain it.

You’ve obtained till August 15th to seize that, earlier than it turns into not-free once more. Next up after that is another double-bill of freebies, Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero. Damn, MYZ free already?

Unlike many game giveaways, by the way in which, Epic are paying for all of theirs out their very own bottomless pockets as a part of tempting prospects into their substandard retailer.

If you dig Gnog, do additionally try The Mechanic’s have a look at how major cuts have been important to creating the game shine.

Disclosure: I’m informed that a number of members of Gnog builders Ko_op Mode as soon as attended an impromptu birthday celebration in a flat the place I, ever the lifetime of the social gathering, was asleep in one other room. I stumbled bleary-eyed into the kitchen for a glass of water solely to discover a dozen individuals round a desk with so very many balloons. I’d assume it a dream however within the morning I discovered a horrifying variety of wrinkled, deflated balloons faces and burst loonheads. I have no idea what this says about Gnog.