Mass Effect Andromeda information: Elaaden, 100% viability and The Journey to Meridian

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Mass Effect Andromeda is constructing to a climax – and we don’t simply imply within the romance system.


The Journey to Meridian contents

Objectives and mission stream

Boss: Destroyer

Boss: The Archon’s Sword

Elaaven secondary quests

Endgame secondary quests

This chapter of Mass Effect Andromeda takes us to some extent of no return, so should you’re the type who likes to get all of your aspect questing performed earlier than the large climax, now’s undoubtedly the time to get shifting on that.

The precedence op itself, The Journey to Meridian, is fairly straight ahead, though it does contain some nice battles, together with two main bosses.

Reaching this mission progress most “on hold” secondary quests to the purpose of completion. Of specific word is Know Your Enemy, which updates with a final e-mail as you start The Journey to Meridian. This quest leads into one other known as Dissension within the Ranks, which may lower the issue of the ultimate precedence op, in addition to being narratively satisfying. Be certain to seize the e-mail and proceed to Voeld to finish the search chain earlier than you kick off the principle mission.

You received’t have many extra possibilities to filter out aspect content material when you get correctly began with The Journey to Meridian, so if you wish to be as ready as potential for the very closing battle, there’s lots you need to get performed. Hitting full viability on all planets is an efficient goal, and may be achieved with out ticking off each single quest. As such, we’ve additionally included a listing of all of the content material on elective planet Elaaden on this web page.


The Journey to Meridian goals and advised missions stream

Find extra suggestions, methods and explanations in our Mass Effect Andromeda guide and walkthrough.

As talked about above, this mission is one thing of some extent of no return for Mass Effect Andromeda. Although you’ll nonetheless be capable to play after the ultimate precedence op, some secondary content material will shut or alter to replicate the top of the principle narrative. Additionally, you received’t have an opportunity to extend your Andromeda viability when you get shifting.

We’re stressing this lots now as a result of we wish to make certain you don’t miss the message: get the whole lot performed. Check your e-mail. Talk to everybody. Go in every single place. Look at the whole lot. Sure, you can do it later, and it’s not just like the galaxy’s gonna blow up should you don’t, however since you’ve gotten the possibility to make an ideal run on it now, why not do it?

Alright then, right here’s how we propose you deal with The Journey to Meridian. The solely difficult bit on this mission is a branching path the place you want to go to every vacation spot – a pair of towers, one within the north and one within the south. Each features a boss battle, and one in all these is with a Destoryer, a brand new enemy sort you received’t have seen earlier than.

The mission culminates in a significant boss battle with The Archon’s Sword and transitions instantly to Meridian: The Journey Home.

  • Optional: go to the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest to replace conversations and aspect quests
  • Optional: acquire Elaaden aspect quests (see record under)
  • Optional: clear all obtainable aspect quests and planet scanning
  • Optional: Achieve 100% viability on all outpost planets
  • Meet with Nexus Leaders
  • Speak along with your sibling
  • Interact with the terminal within the Tempest Research Centre
  • Call a crew assembly on the Vidcon
  • Travel to Meridian within the Civki system
  • Explore the Remnant City
    • Use the console
    • Cross the bridge and use a second console
    • Use gravity properly and battle by way of Kett and Remnant
    • Investigate the North Tower
      • – Battle by way of the Remnant
      • – Activate the console to open the door
      • – Enter Exploration Systems
      • – Activate the 4 consoles: NW, NE, SW, SE
      • – Activate the ultimate console
      • – Kill the Destroyer mini-boss
    • Investigate the South Tower
      • – Battle by way of the Kett and Remnant
      • Optional: remedy the Remnant Decryption to loot a treasure room
      • – Activate the console to open the door
      • – Enter Research Sector
      • – Battle by way of the Kett and Remnant
      • – Kill the Ascendant mini-boss
    • Return to Core 17
    • Battle the Remnant and Kett on the bridge
    • Use the gravity properly
    • Activate the central command console
  • Kill The Archon’s Sword boss


The Journey to Meridian mini-boss: the Destroyer

Encountered within the North Tower as a mini-boss, the Destroyer unit truly turns up a second time throughout this mission, so get used to it now.

The key to a Destroyer encounter is to make use of the setting to your benefit and keep cell; distance will preserve you out of its annoying space of impact assaults, however you’ll must evade its predominant cannon, and hunkering down behind cowl is a nasty thought – it has an explosive response to that tactic.

You should management the provides. Your first precedence needs to be to take down all of the Assemblers, to cease them constructing extra models, after which the Nullifiers. We discovered it best to level our soldiers on the Nullifiers whereas we whipped round clearing up the smaller mobs.

When you’re able to face the Destroyer itself, go for its most evident weak spot – the 2 turrets. Although dropping the turrets makes the Destroyer extra cell, it additionally prevents it unleashing one in all its assaults, and considerably eats into its shields. Critical injury bonuses assist lots right here.

Once you’ve dropped each turrets, simply preserve your distance and dodge when the principle cannon fires, and also you’ll win the struggle of attrition, As ever, consumables will enable you to hit it more durable and sooner.


The Journey to Merdian boss: The Archon’s Sword

The correct boss of The Road to Meridian is kind of like a Destined on steroids, besides that Destined hardly ever name in so many provides you wish to throw your controller on the display screen.

Add management is so, so vital right here and it’s the fixed spawns that actually make this encounter difficult. Since there’s a lot occurring it’s very troublesome to order your soldiers about effectively, so in case you are good at clearing massive numbers of provides rapidly, you may wish to depart Drack and Cora at dwelling and produce these extra at dwelling with distance battles, like Vetra and Jaal, and level them each on the Archon’s Sword whilst you do mob obligation.

High floor is essential on this encounter, and you’ll actually assist your self out through the use of the setting to funnel enemies into chokepoints. You should face Anointed and a Fiend in addition to the squishier Wraiths and Chosen, so that you undoubtedly want to consider one thing to smack down shields in addition to punch by way of armour. Ability smart, something you’ve received for controlling teams is nice, and should you’ve specced your powers to detonate with radius injury you possibly can actually profit from combos right here.

If you solely have restricted disruptor ammo consumables, save them for the Archon’s Sword himself, as his shields are a hassle. Whenever the Archon’s Sword will get a bit sore he’ll cloak and get lost, often calling in a bunch extra provides. Keep monitor of him by awaiting that bizarre swirly cloud Destined generate, and be sure to don’t let him flank you whilst you’re dealing with the mess.


Elaaden secondary quests

Elaaden is a dry and dusty planet, and residential to New Tuchanka, the outpost established by the Krogan after they had been kicked off the Nexus. This planet is solely elective, however there’s heaps to do. You can arrange a brand new outpost, even.

  • Elaaden: A New World
    Enter the Tempest after visiting Kadara to view a cutscene unlocking this mission and the planet Elaaden.
  • Settling Elaaden
    Land on Elaaden to unlock.
  • Conflict within the Colony
    This is the principle Elaaden mission chain and unlocks after you go to the planet and enter Paradise.

    • Parlay with the Krogan
    • Investigate the Remnant Derelict
    • Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core
      • If you give the Drive Core to Morda the Krogan and Nexus resume pleasant relations and you’ll construct an Outpost on Elaaden.
      • If you retain the Drive Core for the Initiative you’ll obtain 1,00zero Remnant analysis factors and a couple of,00zero Credits along with commonplace mission rewards.
  • The Flophouse
    This is the principle base mission of Elaaden, and is tackled throughout the quest chain above.
  • Architect on Elaaden
  • This battle turns into obtainable should you set up an outpost on Elaaden.

  • Taming a Desert/Making This Dust Bowl Livable
    Approach any of the three Elaaden monoliths.
  • Water Supply
    Use the console within the Flophouse.
  • The Mind of an Exile
    Unlocks with a comm from Lexi after you enter Paradise.
  • Gray Matter
    Unlocks someday after completion of The Mind of an Exile.
  • Hard Luck
    Speak to Nora Tallis in Paradise Sands.
  • The Rebel
    Speak to Kent Halsey in Paradise Sands.
  • Save Dr. Okeer’s Krogan Research
    Speak to the Krogan geneticist at New Tuchanka.
  • Rising Tensions
    Speak to Shaman Kortik in New Tuchanka; should have unlocked Parlay with the Krogan.
  • The Search for Ljeta
    Speak to Rorik in New Tuchanka. Unlocks after resolving the principle Elaaden mission chain.
  • Crisis Response
    Acquired from a datapad within the Flophouse.
  • Aspirations
    This sidequest marker is within the southeast of the map. The door received’t open till you’ve interrogated Vehn Terev in Hunting the Archon.
  • Task: A Flower for Kesh
    Unlocks after finishing Drack’s loyalty mission. Speak to Vorn to start.
  • Out of Gas
    Drive across the north of the Elaaden map till the Nomad breaks down.
  • Dismantled
    Acquired by approaching map icon Remnant ruins.
  • Task: Cache Flow
    Scan a Remnant machine at any Remnant website.
  • Task: Little Mouse
    Collect a Little Mouse datapad in a random encounter.
  • Task: Volatile
    Destroy a risky container in a random encounter.
  • Task: Infection
    Scan an contaminated outlaw corpse in a random encounter.


Other endgame secondary quests

There are a number of secondary quests that open up throughout the closing few precedence ops of Mass Effect Andromeda, or whenever you contact down on planets and programs you received’t have visted except you’re pursuing different secondary quests. Here are some which are straightforward to overlook should you’re not checking in often:

  • Life on the Frontier
    You’ll obtain an e-mail from Sid someday after reaching Aya.
  • Contagion
    You’ll obtain an e-mail from Captain Dunn whenever you return to the Nexus after Kadara first turns into obtainable.
  • Task: Investigating Embezzlement
    Speak to the dock supervisor within the Docking Bay space of the Nexus after opening Kadara.
  • Task: Beer Run
    Speak to Wilma simply exterior Kesh’s workplace on the Nexus after visiting Kadara.
  • Taks: Outpost Supplies on Elaaden
    Talk to Merixus on the docks on Aya after constructing an outpost on Elaaden.

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