Mario Kart 8 on Switch is obtaining the very best Rainbow Road

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s 3rd wave of add-on training courses is pertaining to the Switch game on Dec. 7, Nintendo revealed Monday, as well as will certainly consist of follower faves like the autumnal, Wiggler-loaded Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii as well as probably the very best Rainbow Road training course yet, which originates from Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. Merry Mountain, brought over from mobile game Mario Kart Tour, will certainly bring some icy, Christmas-themed enjoyable to Switch proprietors.

Wave 3 of the Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stands for the middle for Nintendo’s prepared DLC. When the 3rd pack gets here, 24 of the 48 training courses consisted of with the DLC bundle will certainly be usable. Here’s what’s consisted of in the following set:

Rock Cup

  • Tour London Loop (Mario Kart Tour)
  • GBA Boo Lake (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)
  • 3DS Rock Rock Mountain (Mario Kart 7)
  • Wii Maple Treeway (Mario Kart Wii)

Moon Cup

  • Tour Berlin Byways (Mario Kart Tour)
  • DS Peach Gardens (Mario Kart DS)
  • Tour Merry Mountain (Mario Kart Tour)
  • 3DS Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7)

The enhancement of Mario Kart 7’s Rainbow Road suggests Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gamers will certainly have 4 variations of the track to race on — the others come from the Wii U game, the initial Super NES game, as well as the Nintendo 64 Rainbow Road.

The previous wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Booster Course Pass DLC was launched in August. Wave 1 of the Booster Course Pass DLC launched in March, as well as brought 8 remastered training courses to the game: Wii Coconut Mall, N64 Choco Mountain, 3DS Toad Circuit, DS Shroom Ridge, as well as GBA Sky Garden, plus Ninja Hideaway, Paris Promenade as well as Tokyo Blur from Mario Kart Tour. The last 3 waves obviously are prepared for launch with 2023.

The Booster Course Pass sets you back $24.99 as well as can be bought from the Nintendo eShop. The pass likewise comes consisted of in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack which sets you back $49.99 a year for a specific, or $79.99 a year for a family members strategy.


Source: Polygon

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