Man mods his Porsche 911 to play Doom utilizing the steering wheel, shifter, and horn – or does he?

Well, they did say Doom could be performed on something, proper?

YouTuber Vexal is man who owns a really costly Porsche 911. The automobile, like many others at present, has a small pc inside and a display screen that can be utilized to show many beneficial details about it.

Naturally, Vexal determined to mod this pc to see if he can play Doom on it (by way of Gizmodo). Not solely that, however he even manages to make use of the automobile’s steering wheel, shifter, horn, and accelerator as controllers. The steering wheel strikes the character left and proper, the horn shoots, and the shifter adjustments weapons (up or down). Best of all, once you speed up in real-life, you progress within the recreation.

Despite how superb and harmful this appears, it might really be a trick. At the beginning of the video, you possibly can clearly see a toaster connected to the automobile. This is both what the sport is definitely operating on, or an elaborate reference to an outdated video by the same person that defined learn how to mod a toaster to play Doom.

Of course, on the time, Vexal went a step additional and claimed to be controlling the sport utilizing the toaster knobs.

Imagine if it have been true, although.