Lost Starfield Pilot Mistakenly Purchases and Successfully Navigates Colossal Base Ship of Foreign Faction to Alternate Planet

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A Starfield gamer has actually in some way handled to buy the whole home of the Crimson Fleet, as well as has actually efficiently landed it on an earth.

For the strange, the Crimson Fleet is a pirate intrigue in Starfield, as well as you satisfy them quite beforehand in the spacefaring RPG when they assault you as well as your accomplices around a mining negotiation. Their front runner is referred to as ‘The Key,’ as well as in some way, the gamer simply listed below has really handled to buy the whole enormous spacecraf itself.

Somehow managed to purchase the key… was able to move parts around in the ship builder. Not really flyable but managed to land it on a planet. from r/Starfield

I’ve obtained definitely no idea exactly how this occurred, as well as I could not also start to predict. That absolutely is the UI for the ship supplier in the initial screenshot simply above, as well as the ‘Home Ship’ message licenses that the gamer concerned has actually absolutely handled to include the ship itself to their very own fleet, as well as make it their default spacecraf. It’s constantly worth remembering that this might all be the job of a mod, however.

Now I need to recognize whether the leading brass of the Crimson Fleet are simply being flown around area at will certainly by this set gamer. Do they simply support it? Well, possibly “flown” is a charitable declaration, taking into consideration the gamer confesses over that the leviathan spacecraf can hardly fly.

“This is probably the wildest thing I’ve seen yet,” the top-voted remark under the Reddit article checks out. Yeah, we’re right there with you. “I don’t think anything can top this… the guy owns and moved around an entire f****** main faction base… I’m speechless,” creates one more. “When you get tired of traveling back and forth to turn in quests so you decide to bring the whole faction with you,” includes a 3rd gamer.

How did Starfield allow this occur to begin with? Surely the gamer remaining in ownership of The Key breaks missions connecting to the Crimson Fleet after the gamer joins them considering that they essentially do not have an HQ any longer. This is definitely some odd insect, as well as if it is, after that it’s most likely doing the gamer’s game state much more damage than great. 

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